Vamp Q&A

Since there are so many frequently asked questions concerning vampires, I thought I would answer some of them for those who are curious.  Here goes!

Q- How is a vampire made/ born?
A-  Making vampires is always different depending on who you talk to.  Basically, however, a blood transfusion of some sort is always present at the birthing of a new vampire.  A vampire bites a mortal, then gives that mortal his or her vampire blood.  It's usually as easy as that.  In my books, that's basically how it happens.

Q- How is it possible for a vampire to have sex?
 A- My theory is that a male vampire would more than likely have to feed to maintain an erection because though he has blood in his body like the rest of us, because it pumps so slowly, he needs fresh to make it move quicker so that the blood can then make his organ work the way it needs to. For a female vampire, I'm guessing she would need to feed, too, because female sex organs need blood flow in order to have sex as well.

Q- Can vampires procreate?
 A- Yes.  However, only an incubus/succubus vampire can parent a child/hybrid.

Q- How is a vampire undead? 
 Vampires are undead because they are neither living nor dead.  I guess it's just the best word to describe their state of being.  Their bodies still function like a human body, but since blood flow is incredibly slow, they are also (where normal bodily functions are concerned) a little bit slower.  They may have superhuman strength, but if you ask a vampire to pee, it might take him a while to do it.

***I'll add more here as I'm asked or as I think of them. If you have a vampire question that you would like answered, just email me at and I'll address it here.***

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