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I am a double-published author and a stay at home mom, but I wear many, many colorful hats these days. Let me explain...

Let's start with books. I love them, and I have loved them since I was old enough to read. A story unfolding is a gift that keeps on giving. Reason being, because you can keep adding to it in your head long after the last page has been turned over. Therefore, at a young age, I decided to be an author after reading a book called "The Silver Kiss" by Annette Curtis Klaus. It was a vampire book, and the vampire dies in the end. I didn't like that part, but it inspired me to keep writing about vampires and such. 

After reading the Twilight Series and developing a love/hate relationship with the books, I decided that I should write my own series. Thus, Immortal Ties was born.  I created characters that you could love, hate, or both, and I ran with them until I had a full length novel full of bloodlust and sex. Then, I decided that I couldn't stop there. I wrote Immortal Embrace, published it, too, and then moved on to begin other projects. One of them being The Demon King (as yet unpublished) and Immortal Lust (another WIP). 

Where to find me...

I used to write a column as the Itmann Books Examiner. There, I wrote book reviews and post regularly about books and all things book related, including comic book news. After all, comics are one of my first loves. However, lately I don't have time for reviews as I'm working on several of my own projects. That being said, I'd love to return to reviews again one day.

I've also written several articles for  Good Vibrations Magazine.   

I have an author profile on Goodreads.com, too, so if you'd like to stop by and friend me there or be a fan or like me or whatever it is that you do in there (I'm new to Goodreads and still figuring it out lol), by all means, please do.  I haven't done much in there, but I like the site, so I promise that I'll get to it and start updating more often. 

You can find my Amazon author profile here.  On this page is a list of all of the books that I've written and the anthologies that I've contributed to.  Please "like" the page and feel free to leave a review on any of my books that you've read! 

I run this blog. In here is where the real me comes out. I'm an astrology nut, and am quite knowledgeable with the zodiac, so there are a few astrology posts in here. Also, daily rants are available and ready. Oh, and when I get crazy fan mail, sometimes I address those in here, too. 

Being a mom and doing all of these things is challenging, however, I think I balance it all well. My kids are great, though they don't know about all of the things that their mom does while they're at school, and I'd like to keep it that way. At least until they're out of high school! 

I also have a dog that I love to death, Heidi. She's the bark to my meow, and she keeps me company when the outside world seems too hard for me to face (I'm a Cancer. Sue me. I tend to be moody and over-emotional). 

If you are a reviewer and are interested in a review copy of THE DEMON KING, please send me an email with "Demon King Review" in the subject line.  In the body of the email, please include your name(s) and the name of the site/company that you review for.  Also, please include a link/URL for the site. 

Email me here: KellyShrewsbury@gmail.com or you can contact me through blogger with a comment on one of my posts. 

Keep it sizzlin!
Rhiannon Mills ;)

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