Hi guys!  Every now and then, I get into the giving spirit and have contests so that some of you can win a free book.  Always, I ask that you do the following three things before you can enter.

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There are no open contests at the moment, but whenever I have a new one going, I will always post the rules here.  Keep checking!  I already have another contest in mind for the near future.


  1. I've already liked The Demon King page on FB and I just followed your blog on NetBolgs. ;)

    If I could go back in time???

    Hmm... I would probably go back to the ice age to see all the cool animals that used to be around, and to learn about how people survived then.

  2. Being a hugh fan of Robert Jordan and Brian Sanderson....I would love to travel back to a time of the blight...In the series Wheel Of Time....When the pattern changes and things will never be the same...In the fight against the
    Dark Lord himself...I Would love to journey with the 3 Male hero's of the story rand...perrin....matrium....from the beginning of there flight from the two rivers to there eminant arrival in toss the dice like matrium...and gamble with such luck of the pattern perrin golden eyes running with the wolves... to rand holding the one power....I would love to have a combo of all three of there abilities...I would hold the power and fight the minions of the dark lord....i would fall for the tricks that i now know are coming...i would kick the shit out of the whitecloacks and dismantle the red aja of the isadie...i would ride in the cavilery of the lancers like knights of the round table charging trolics and shadow spawn...weld the sword of power slaying all evil in the pattern like spreading butter....i guess i would become almost evil in myself..

  3. I would go back to December the 4th 2011 the day before my grandson was to of been born and make the doctors would deliver my grandson safe !! His mom had Placenta praevia !! With what I know now to go back in time means I could be with my grandson and watch him grow because he was healthy nothing wrong with him !! That would be the one place I go and be able to fix what I know would have been fixable with her pregnancy !! So my magic potion and travel back in time could give me some one I'm missing all the time !!!!

  4. Ok got the date wrong fingers work faster than the brain !! The date is Dec 4th 2009 !!! My grandson would have been 2 years old !!! Sorry bout that !!! Trying to figure this thing out and follow you on blog !!! Yeah got it !!!!

  5. lets see i would go back and do alot of things different but mostly i would have actually paid attention in school and let my creative side come out so i could be more creative today.with a 7 year old..kinda really need to be alil creative..oh and i liked and followed on fb.....i always knew in school and growing up you would wind up writing books.

  6. I did both because you Miss Rhiannon are just that cool.

    As for what I would do if I could go back in time... Oh gosh there's a hundred choices. I'm stuck between cowboys and pirates. If I went back to the old rest I'd totally be a rough and tumble girl that dressed like a boy and wore a six shooter on both hips. I'd have my own farm and I'd take in girls who had no other choice but to work in saloons and teach them they're better and how to live for themselves....

    Now pirates? That's a little different. Jason would be the head captain of a ship, and I would be his good luck. I'd be that girl whose all pretty and demure that guys think is too stupid to possibly understand what they're talking about and then I'd take all the information in my pretty little head back to my hubby who would use it for somewhat nefarious purposes :D