Wednesday, August 8, 2012

NBC crosses over to the dark side...

Goodness, it's been a while since I've blogged!  Well, the important thing is that I'm here and I'm writing now.  Ahem. 

In the dark paranormal world, there is a lot going on!  If you follow my tweets (@RhiannonMills) or have friended me on Facebook, you probably already know, or at least have a sneaking suspicion, that I'm bat shit crazy obsessed with Jonathan Rhys Meyers.  You would also know, or suspect, that I absolutely love Dracula (from Nosferatu to Gary Oldman--and no further than that).  Well, it appears that NBC has a 10 episode series coming up called Dracula, starring none other than Jonathan Rhys Meyers in the lead role.  

A few old school horror fans may be rolling their eyes about this, but for every eye roller, I promise you there are a million other people out there taking a deep sigh as they hit up Google, Bing, and any other search engines they can think of just to try and find any and all information they can dig up about the upcoming series.  I'm one of those...

There are a gajillion reasons why JRM should play Dracula! He's perfect for the role, in my honest opinion.  He's played Elvis and Henry VIII, and now it's only fitting that he go for a much darker role.  As Henry VIII, JRM wowed me into a position of utmost awe and admiration.  He didn't look anything like Henry VIII--but with his attitude and the special tone of his skill, I was convinced that he was the king of England! Knowing what JRM's eyes can do to an audience, I'm ready for this series. I've heard nothing about a premier date for the series, but I do know that it's due out next year sometime.  The anticipation is absolutely killing me! 

With anticipation in mind, let's think back to some other really great Draculas from the past, shall we...

I'm going to give you my two favorites--Bella Lugosi and Gary Oldman.  Lugosi's Dracula came about at a point in time when people were not so used to seeing such dark seduction on screen, much less anywhere else.  He held audiences in the palms of his undead hands and made America, and the rest of the world, pine for more of his brand of dark seductions.  

Oh...need I say more?

Gary Oldman was Dracula in 1992's Bram Stoker's Dracula.  Though the movie didn't follow bit by bit with the book (Yeah...Dracula was a book, for those who didn't know lol), it was an amazing film. The entire cast was great, but Oldman took the show, at least for me.  If any of you born after 1992 haven't seen it, you should hit up Netflix or something.  Oldman brought out the romance in the story in the best way.  He made you feel something for the old count and not want him dead, even though he was a monster.  

Oh, that Gary Oldman...What a handsome, incredible member of the undead!

"I have crossed oceans of time to find you...".... I don't know about you other ladies out there, but if a man tells me he's crossed oceans of time to find me, I'm his.  We'll deal with the whole undead issue later...Just sayin'. 

And now to tickle your funny bones... :D

You're welcome...

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