Friday, May 18, 2012

My Surprise Novel, "Willow Lake"

In the midst of writing the sequel to The Demon King, something miraculous happened.  I'll try to explain this as best I can, but understand that it's difficult for even ME to understand.

Ever since I was fifteen years old, I've had recurring dreams (some of them are nightmares) about a grand weeping willow tree that sits to the left of a big white house and there's a lake in the back yard with a fishing dock.  I know where everything in that house is kept. I know where the big rocks in the yard are that will make someone trip if they step on them wrong.  I even know where the matches are to light the cook stove. Yes, matches. 

Weirdness over. Moving onto "Willow Lake"...

There's also a man in these dreams.  Don't get your panties in a wad, he's not a hunk.  He's just a man in a dark blue uniform that looks very military.  I can never see his face, either.  Sometimes, he acts like he's my friend and we sit in peace under the tree, but sometimes he does weird things that make me feel like he's going to gut me and cut out my liver to feed it to the goats in the seventh circle of hell.  But, mostly he's alright until he decides it's time to get his chains out. 

Now, understand that I'm almost twenty-nine years old.  I've had these dreams for almost fourteen years.  You'd have thought I would have written a book about them before, but in honesty, I was afraid to.  I don't want the dreams to ever stop because they're a big part of me, as silly as that sounds. Besides that, it's hard to put a plot to a jumble of weirdo berserk dreams about a dude who has no face. 

Until a few days ago.  Just two and a half days ago, it all came to me.  I figured out the entire plot and all the characters (it wasn't difficult to figure out the characters because I already know them from the dreams).  

I'm 23,000 words into the story already.  For those of you who aren't writers--that's a lot of words to cover in just a few days.  My goal is 80,000.  But, just so you know what sort of book this is, I'm going to tell you about the things I've cooked up.

The story is centered around the life of a very lonely young woman.  She's twenty-six and she's lost nearly her entire family.  She buys a house in LaGrange, GA (not TX lol).  Her name is Celia and she's a writer--like me--and she has a lazy doberman named Barnibus (I once had a lazy doberman named Barnibus and we called him Barney for short). What Celia doesn't realize is that her new home, a place where she just wanted to disappear, comes with a former resident who died in 1947, Gray.

A friendship forms between Celia and Gray, although she sort of thought she was going nuts at first.  Eventually, it doesn't matter just how dead he is.  Celia is lonely.

Eventually, Celia learns, through chatting with an elderly neighbor and taking a job with a local paper, all about the former inhabitants of her place.  It turns out that Gray is the least strange of the bunch that once lived there and even though she's grown comfortable with the dead being her housemate, she realizes that she probably shouldn't be.

And this is where I stop telling you about the story for fear of spoiling it for you.  There is a good element of mystery and plenty of eerie scenes in the book.  Remember, this book came completely from MY dreams, so there will be yucky, nasty, horror too.

I feel very happy with the progress of this book.  I think it's just one of those things that I was just MEANT to write...

Until next time...thanks for listening to me chatter!  Thoughts welcome--leave them in comments below! :) 


  1. I love the story, dreams are important. It's good that you pay attention to them. I am writing a fantasy book and a lot of my ideas come from dreams and visions. I would think most authors, which by the way are very creative people, get a lot of their ideas that way. Best of luck and I cant wait to see it when it's done!

  2. Thank you for the luck, J.C. It's true that a lot of authors write fro their dreams, but the dreams I'm writing "Willow Lake" about are recurring and I've had them since I was 15. They mean a lot to me, like they are a part of me. I'm secretly terrified that once I write the book, the dreams will vanish lol. :)

    1. I agree that those dreams are a part of you. Try not to fear losing them. Fear is a magnet, you want to focus on the positive aspects of those recurring dreams. I had a recurring dream when I was a child of someone trying to kill me, and me begging for my life. Sometimes I wonder if these dreams come from past lives. I believe in reincarnation.
      Keep up the good work, it's all about authors supporting other authors!

    2. Yes! Authors supporting other authors. You're right on target with that. Sometimes I feel like others forget we're all on the same team, really...