Monday, March 12, 2012

Sims Break

Some of you may already know this, but for those of you who do not, I have a really neat hobby that I use as a good distraction from writing, and today, for fun, I decided to share it with you guys because I'm a dork like that. 

I built this Sims House, but have long since removed the bright red porch light after I realized that not only does a red door signal that the building is a whore house, but a red light does, too lol.  This house consists of two bathrooms (both large), two LARGE as ever bedrooms (for my Sim's baby and adopted son) and master suite.  There is also a roomy kitchen and bar, living room, hot tub, pool, playground equipment, fountain, parking for 2 cars, and a really neat grilling area and fire pit. 

I play Sims.  Between my daughters and I, we have the following Sims games:  Sims Life Stories, Sims Pets, Sims 2.  For Sims 2, we have FOUR stuff packs:  H&M Fashion Stuff, Teen Style Stuff, Bed & Bath Stuff, and Ikea Home Stuff.  

I also just bought Sims 3.  I ordered one expansion pack (Night Life) and one stuff pack (Town Life) and am thinking about ordering the expansion called World Adventures because it takes you to China and France and other Egypt and one other place (forgot where lol).  
This is the adopted son's bedroom.  It was only added after my sim decided to adopt.  His room also has a fish inspired bathroom on a really neat platform, sort of fenced off from the rest of the room, but it isn't in this shot. 

I use this video game as a good distraction from writing because you can basically write a little story while playing the game.  Sims 2 and games made before Sims 2 were great for that, but Sims 3 takes things to a whole new level.  In Sims 3, you can pick 5 main characteristics for your sim to have, choose their favorite food, favorite music, favorite color, and also their zodiac sign.  You can get them jobs, make them bums, or whatever you want to do.  You can keep them home and use the money cheat codes to make them filthy rich or not.  It's all up to you.  You can even build an underwater house (which takes skill, let me tell you) and then put one of your sims in there and the fun part of this is picking "hydrophobic" as one of their five  
Another one of my houses :)

Building and designing the sims houses, however, is probably my favorite part of the game.  EA games has a site set up with an "Exchange"where sim players can upload some of their creations from the game (furniture, hair colors, cars, houses, etc) and other members can download these creations for free and add them to their own games.  Soooo, I'm thinking of building a few more sim houses to upload to the exchange.  It's not a normal hobby for a housewife, but damn if it doesn't take my mind off of the world.  
Totally, completely built and customized by ME :)
My sim (the mom), cooking on her grill in her back yard... :)

And besides that, I'm good at building houses lol.

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