Thursday, February 2, 2012

Rhiannon's Writing Process...

After reading a hoard of author interviews in several different author/book blogs recently, I've discovered that interviewers and readers always seem to ask one question in particular.

So, how do you write? Or... What's your writing process like?

I decided to blog mine.  Read carefully as it is very complicated...sort of.

Step One:  Gather the materials needed.  Here is my list:  Joe camel beer huggy full of random broken pencils and screw drivers,  cup of coffee in my favorite mug, cigarettes for frustrating moments, and Youtube pulled up to one of my writing playlists.

I've never been able to write without him.  He's been with me since I was 9...

Best mug ever...

 Step Two:  Pull up word doc. and focus. 

Focus...Very difficult in the wee hours of morning.  And yeah, that's my legendary fuzzy pink bathrobe. 

Step Three:  Piddle around on Youtube because you've just realized that the song you like the best has, for some horrible reason, been deleted.  Get angry and throw things.

Throw things, shoot things...There's really no difference.

Step Four:  Regain composure and settle on listening to something else. Anything else.  Sip coffee.  Realize it's gotten cold.  Refresh cup.  Write three paragraphs, then delete two of them because they suck.  Google something relevant to your story.  Laugh at funny kitty pics on facebook instead.  Write three more paragraphs and smile because they actually don't suck this time.  Go pee and fill up coffee mug again.

Step Five:  By now, you've written about five hundred words. YAY...or not.  You should have hit at least a thousand by now.  Write three hundred more, stop, refill coffee mug.  Read over what you've written.  Decide you're awesome, pat yourself on the back, then realize that you have facebook messages.  Look at more cute animals instead of writing (which is what you SHOULD be doing).

Step Six:  Google some more things relevant to your manuscript and get wildly distracted by venomous snakes of the amazon.  Decide never to visit the amazon.  Write five hundred more words.

Hey, Mom! Look what we found in the back yard!!!

Step Seven:  Decide that you need a break and have a meaningful conversation with a friend over the phone...Instead, you end up talking to her about fictional characters as though they're real people.

Step Eight:  Have a breakthrough in your story out of absolutely nowhere and get to writing!!! You crank out so many words that even your keyboard gets a headache. 

^ That's my "YAY! I've gotten one more chapter done!" face...

Step Nine:   Get distracted by your children because each one of them just HAS to know what Mommy's doing and why there are poisonous snakes on her computer screen now...

Mommy's not amused...
Step Ten:  Shut down computer and go to sleep.  Tomorrow, you'll do this all over again. Better rest up!

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