Monday, February 13, 2012

New Demon King Characters

For those who are following me closely to see what it is I'll think up next (and I know who you wonderful people are, for the most part), I'd like to introduce you to a few characters who will be joining Willow and Draken in the sequel to The Demon King...

1- DEATH.  I'm not kidding.  Not death, as in people will die (people always die in my books), but Death, the guy.  Death is only in a few scenes, but he plays a very important role in the story.  He is referred to, simply, as "D" in the story and he is a neutral player in the war between Draken's armies and the resistance against him.  Death is also a wealth of helpful, though sometime cryptic, information and isn't quite the scythe carrying, cloak wearing entity that you are all so familiar with.  In fact, when you first meet D, he's wearing a NASCAR tee shirt and a trucker cap.  Later, he might be wearing a cardigan and khakis.

This guy was the inspiration for TOR...Yeah. He's a hottie.
2-  TOR.  For those of you who have read IMMORTAL EMBRACE, you already know Tor to be the banished fairy prince who now spends his days guarding an enchanted castle for the vampire who lives there (Simon Nikolas).  Tor was banished from the fairy realm for killing black unicorns so that he could keep their magic.  Of course, unicorns, regardless of breed, are protected, but Tor always takes things into his own hands.  Black unicorns are just flat out mean and would rather trample a person to the ground than do tricks for them...Nonetheless, Tor just happens to also be Willow's uncle, though they are very close to the same age.  Tor also refused to take his father's crown when the time came and the relationship between the fairy king and Tor, the prince, is very rocky.  As a matter of fact, it was Tor's own father who banished him.

3-  EDWARD.  No, he isn't a sparkly vampire.  Edward is a young captain in Draken's army.  He is somewhat smaller than the other demons.  He's sort of the runt, but he's smart and he also plays a big role in the book.  Well, good things sometimes come in small packages, right? 

So, there we have it.  There are also other new characters, but these three really stick out for me.  And since I have nothing else intelligent to say right now, I'll leave you with another hot photo...

He kills


  1. So glad to be able to meet some new characters! Can't wait for the sequel to come out :)

  2. I've gotten six chapters so far, Jaidis. I'm working on some revisions and possibly scrapping a few pages and rewriting a few things...BUT, the story is coming along nicely. The character, Death, is actually a straight up model of my step dad lol... I don't mean that in a negative way, either...I just sort of saw him as calm, neutral, and smart, just like my step dad. :)