Monday, February 6, 2012

The Demon King is here!

Yes, it's time to promote (YAY!).  **Happy Dance**

The time has arrived.  Our king, Draken, is ready for his throne and is taking prisoners!

Yesterday, THE DEMON KING became available for purchase through createspace and I'm thinking of doing something in the very near future to celebrate, so cling closely to my future blog posts.  All ya gotta do is click the link I have provided you with above. 

**Note:  The Demon King will be available in ebook format in just a few more days!** 

If you haven't read much in my blog about The Demon King, I'll just bring you up to speed.

You can listen to an excerpt read by Tonia Brown, here.

Also, if you're curious STILL, here is a quick blurb:

Draken needs a soothsayer to help him keep his kingdom under his own rule and not that of his twin brother. What he doesn’t count on is that his bewitching soothsayer, Willow, could possibly be the fall of the entire Underworld without trying to do so. One small twenty year old secret could destroy everything Draken has ever held dear. Through battles, both political and emotional, the King must do what is best to destroy his brother and hold his kingdom in the right hands, although nothing is ever what it seems and no one can be trusted in the Underworld.
There will be a contest coming very soon.  The contest rules will be announced on Valentine's Day and a free signed copy of The Demon King will be the prize.  Stay tuned!  
Remember, my contests are never that easy.  There is a prerequisite.  You MUST MUST MUST "like" The Demon King on facebook and/or follow my blog.  I'll let you know the rest of my rules and guidelines when the contest posts. 
\m/ Rhiannon 

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