Saturday, February 11, 2012

Contest Winner!

A signed copy of THE DEMON KING will be sent out to Mark Lewis Monday morning.  Congrats Mark!  For those who didn't win a copy, there will be an ebook copy of the book given away in the near future and as I get the details of that giveaway, I'll pass them along to you guys.

Mark's email entry stood out to me and he's given me permission to share it.  Soooo, here it is.

I took the tiny vial from the wizened old woman; there was a cloudy swirling fluid inside. She told me that it could take me anywhere in the past I wanted to go. I thought about where I would like to go. Of course! The Cretaceous Period! I have always love dinosaurs, and that is when my favorites lived. 

I tipped the vial back slamming it like a fine scotch. I nearly choked, as the potion was the foulest stuff I have ever tasted. Then, as it settled in my stomach, I felt woozy. A mist appeared and flowed into the room, slowly filling my vision. 

As it began to thin, I saw shapes in the shadows. I also heard sounds that I have never heard before, roars, and snarls. The mist finally dissipated, and I saw them. A pack of raptors; they were hunting. The one in back stopped following the pack, and sniffed around it. It looked right at me, then barked, not quite like a dog, but similar. The others came back to it, and all looked my way. I was beginning to get scared. Just as the started coming my way, the mist flowed from the ground surrounding me.

The mist cleared, and I was back in the room with the old woman. Was it real or did I hallucinate it all?

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