Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Toast To Writers and Readers Alike

This has nothing to do with my post.   I just love willow trees...lol.
The coolest thing in the world about my job as a writer is when a reader emails and says, "What happens next?"... This has happened to me four times in the past twenty-four hours.  Of course, I'm paraphrasing, but that was the gist of the four emails I have received concerning THE DEMON KING trilogy. The answer to that question, however, is something I cannot divulge at this moment in time.  I can't give out exact moments in Willow and Draken's separate quests or their quest together, either.

And here is where the dark side of a writer's life, for me, comes in.

The truth is, I really want to tell everyone the answer to that question.  I am the most terrible secret keeper on the planet!  The reality is that I want to tell everyone what happens next and I want to do it NOW because I hate to keep others in the dark.  I love that everyone wants to know and it sort of strokes my ego that I've gotten a great reaction from those who have read the book thus far, but I know that if I give out my secret, there will be no point in finishing the second book, not to mention the third.


I'm wondering if other writers find themselves in the same predicament and I'm thinking that they probably do.  I don't feel any weird sense of power in knowing what happens next.  Instead, I sort of feel a weakness. 

I also feel a bit overwhelmed with having THE DEMON KING finally released.  He's been mine for so long and now I have to hand him over to the readers.  He officially belongs to you guys now, so take care of him and Willow and all of the creatures of the Underworld.  They are special to me. I spent an awful long amount of time with this particular novella and it's just a novella, not a full length novel lol!!!

In a weird sense, I feel a bit of loss. I know I'm gaining, but it's like sending your kids off to college.  The writing process is like raising your children.  The submitting and publishing is the high school years where you're not sure exactly how your kid's gonna fare, but hope for the best.  The release date is when you wave goodbye from the front door, try not to sniffle, and hope like hell that you've done a good job. 

I'm thinking that since THE DEMON KING is my baby and I've done well that I have nothing to fear whatsoever at this point.  After all, he's out the door and on his own with the readers.  I look forward to finishing the sequel.  I look forward to reuniting myself with the same characters and a few new ones.  I look forward to hearing from more readers and I also look forward to handing my dad his copy of the book when he comes home again.  After all, the book is dedicated to him. 

So, here's a virtual toast to writers who have ever felt a bit uneasy on release day, to writers who feel like their books are their babies, to writers who allow themselves to feel the roller coaster of emotions that come with being a writer, and also to the wonderful readers who encourage us to continue being bat shit crazy and emotional writers. 

Writing truly is a journey.  I don't mean to go all nutty/over-emotional/nostalgic on you guys, but it's true.  It takes time to get to be the writer you want to be.  I'm nowhere near where I want to be yet.  However, when you know that you've turned a corner, it can sometimes be bittersweet for some of us.  For me, it's because I just don't like to let go.  Well, this post is my way of letting go of my "baby" and crossing my fingers, hoping that he does well.


Monday, February 13, 2012

New Demon King Characters

For those who are following me closely to see what it is I'll think up next (and I know who you wonderful people are, for the most part), I'd like to introduce you to a few characters who will be joining Willow and Draken in the sequel to The Demon King...

1- DEATH.  I'm not kidding.  Not death, as in people will die (people always die in my books), but Death, the guy.  Death is only in a few scenes, but he plays a very important role in the story.  He is referred to, simply, as "D" in the story and he is a neutral player in the war between Draken's armies and the resistance against him.  Death is also a wealth of helpful, though sometime cryptic, information and isn't quite the scythe carrying, cloak wearing entity that you are all so familiar with.  In fact, when you first meet D, he's wearing a NASCAR tee shirt and a trucker cap.  Later, he might be wearing a cardigan and khakis.

This guy was the inspiration for TOR...Yeah. He's a hottie.
2-  TOR.  For those of you who have read IMMORTAL EMBRACE, you already know Tor to be the banished fairy prince who now spends his days guarding an enchanted castle for the vampire who lives there (Simon Nikolas).  Tor was banished from the fairy realm for killing black unicorns so that he could keep their magic.  Of course, unicorns, regardless of breed, are protected, but Tor always takes things into his own hands.  Black unicorns are just flat out mean and would rather trample a person to the ground than do tricks for them...Nonetheless, Tor just happens to also be Willow's uncle, though they are very close to the same age.  Tor also refused to take his father's crown when the time came and the relationship between the fairy king and Tor, the prince, is very rocky.  As a matter of fact, it was Tor's own father who banished him.

3-  EDWARD.  No, he isn't a sparkly vampire.  Edward is a young captain in Draken's army.  He is somewhat smaller than the other demons.  He's sort of the runt, but he's smart and he also plays a big role in the book.  Well, good things sometimes come in small packages, right? 

So, there we have it.  There are also other new characters, but these three really stick out for me.  And since I have nothing else intelligent to say right now, I'll leave you with another hot photo...

He kills me...lol.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Contest Winner!

A signed copy of THE DEMON KING will be sent out to Mark Lewis Monday morning.  Congrats Mark!  For those who didn't win a copy, there will be an ebook copy of the book given away in the near future and as I get the details of that giveaway, I'll pass them along to you guys.

Mark's email entry stood out to me and he's given me permission to share it.  Soooo, here it is.

I took the tiny vial from the wizened old woman; there was a cloudy swirling fluid inside. She told me that it could take me anywhere in the past I wanted to go. I thought about where I would like to go. Of course! The Cretaceous Period! I have always love dinosaurs, and that is when my favorites lived. 

I tipped the vial back slamming it like a fine scotch. I nearly choked, as the potion was the foulest stuff I have ever tasted. Then, as it settled in my stomach, I felt woozy. A mist appeared and flowed into the room, slowly filling my vision. 

As it began to thin, I saw shapes in the shadows. I also heard sounds that I have never heard before, roars, and snarls. The mist finally dissipated, and I saw them. A pack of raptors; they were hunting. The one in back stopped following the pack, and sniffed around it. It looked right at me, then barked, not quite like a dog, but similar. The others came back to it, and all looked my way. I was beginning to get scared. Just as the started coming my way, the mist flowed from the ground surrounding me.

The mist cleared, and I was back in the room with the old woman. Was it real or did I hallucinate it all?

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Demon King is here!

Yes, it's time to promote (YAY!).  **Happy Dance**

The time has arrived.  Our king, Draken, is ready for his throne and is taking prisoners!

Yesterday, THE DEMON KING became available for purchase through createspace and I'm thinking of doing something in the very near future to celebrate, so cling closely to my future blog posts.  All ya gotta do is click the link I have provided you with above. 

**Note:  The Demon King will be available in ebook format in just a few more days!** 

If you haven't read much in my blog about The Demon King, I'll just bring you up to speed.

You can listen to an excerpt read by Tonia Brown, here.

Also, if you're curious STILL, here is a quick blurb:

Draken needs a soothsayer to help him keep his kingdom under his own rule and not that of his twin brother. What he doesn’t count on is that his bewitching soothsayer, Willow, could possibly be the fall of the entire Underworld without trying to do so. One small twenty year old secret could destroy everything Draken has ever held dear. Through battles, both political and emotional, the King must do what is best to destroy his brother and hold his kingdom in the right hands, although nothing is ever what it seems and no one can be trusted in the Underworld.
There will be a contest coming very soon.  The contest rules will be announced on Valentine's Day and a free signed copy of The Demon King will be the prize.  Stay tuned!  
Remember, my contests are never that easy.  There is a prerequisite.  You MUST MUST MUST "like" The Demon King on facebook and/or follow my blog.  I'll let you know the rest of my rules and guidelines when the contest posts. 
\m/ Rhiannon 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Rhiannon's Writing Process...

After reading a hoard of author interviews in several different author/book blogs recently, I've discovered that interviewers and readers always seem to ask one question in particular.

So, how do you write? Or... What's your writing process like?

I decided to blog mine.  Read carefully as it is very complicated...sort of.

Step One:  Gather the materials needed.  Here is my list:  Joe camel beer huggy full of random broken pencils and screw drivers,  cup of coffee in my favorite mug, cigarettes for frustrating moments, and Youtube pulled up to one of my writing playlists.

I've never been able to write without him.  He's been with me since I was 9...

Best mug ever...

 Step Two:  Pull up word doc. and focus. 

Focus...Very difficult in the wee hours of morning.  And yeah, that's my legendary fuzzy pink bathrobe. 

Step Three:  Piddle around on Youtube because you've just realized that the song you like the best has, for some horrible reason, been deleted.  Get angry and throw things.

Throw things, shoot things...There's really no difference.

Step Four:  Regain composure and settle on listening to something else. Anything else.  Sip coffee.  Realize it's gotten cold.  Refresh cup.  Write three paragraphs, then delete two of them because they suck.  Google something relevant to your story.  Laugh at funny kitty pics on facebook instead.  Write three more paragraphs and smile because they actually don't suck this time.  Go pee and fill up coffee mug again.

Step Five:  By now, you've written about five hundred words. YAY...or not.  You should have hit at least a thousand by now.  Write three hundred more, stop, refill coffee mug.  Read over what you've written.  Decide you're awesome, pat yourself on the back, then realize that you have facebook messages.  Look at more cute animals instead of writing (which is what you SHOULD be doing).

Step Six:  Google some more things relevant to your manuscript and get wildly distracted by venomous snakes of the amazon.  Decide never to visit the amazon.  Write five hundred more words.

Hey, Mom! Look what we found in the back yard!!!

Step Seven:  Decide that you need a break and have a meaningful conversation with a friend over the phone...Instead, you end up talking to her about fictional characters as though they're real people.

Step Eight:  Have a breakthrough in your story out of absolutely nowhere and get to writing!!! You crank out so many words that even your keyboard gets a headache. 

^ That's my "YAY! I've gotten one more chapter done!" face...

Step Nine:   Get distracted by your children because each one of them just HAS to know what Mommy's doing and why there are poisonous snakes on her computer screen now...

Mommy's not amused...
Step Ten:  Shut down computer and go to sleep.  Tomorrow, you'll do this all over again. Better rest up!