Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What 2012 Has In Store...

I thought I'd bring some of you up to speed on the things that I'm working on in the year 2012 (that I know of RIGHT NOW)... It seems that I have an awful lot on my plate at the moment, but once it's written down, it seems totally doable...sort of.

I'm a vampire in my spare time, too.
**For a start, I have a book release on February 14,2012.  Yup, Valentine's Day.  What better way to celebrate a totally weird, screwed up, creepy romance than with a Valentine's Day release?  After all, The Demon King is sort of a creeper in a really deadly, sexy sort of way.  I'm pretty excited about this because I've waited FOREVER for this book to be released and it's only a novella, not a full length novel, so it makes little sense to me why it took so long for me to write it...but it did.

**Next on the list is my fiction novel about Elizabeth Bathory.  I'm in the writing process and I'm thinking that I could be finished by summer and maybe have a late summer, early fall release, but I won't give you an exact time frame because I have no clue. I'm just the writer.  Anywho--I'll tell you a bit about the project.  Even though Bathory was a real person, this book isn't a biography and that's because no one on earth could write a biography about her that would be completely accurate. NO ONE knew the real story unless you were trapped in that castle with her from day one. I am, however, going to include a small section or chapter in the end of the book that gives you the facts about her so that readers won't read things I've written and assume that it actually happened just because Bathory lived once.  I'm also going to include a quick list of characters in the beginning because sometimes it helps...I enjoy that sort of thing in books I read, too.

There will also be a wonderful literary showcasing of all types of medieval style weapons and torture tactics in the book.  The content within are extremely adult, so the book will have a mature readers label strapped to it, also...

** I'm also working on a vampire erotica novella and this is a new project for me.  I'm loving it and so far my story is turning out to be really great and the characters in the story are very likeable and hateable too.  There isn't a lot of information about this venture yet, however, so I'm sorry...as soon as I have info, I'll blog it.

**Also, I'm co-editing the anthology, Vampyres: A History Written In Blood with Shawn M. Riddle.  He and I have totally opposite views about vampires and we have totally opposite tastes, but surprisingly, we work very well together and I'm so happy that he asked me to co-edit.  We don't rub elbows at all! lol...I'm very excited about this book because vampires are my first loves.  Shawn is very excited about this projects because he's made it his personal mission to extinguish all of the sparkly vampires in the world...and this is a very noble cause. Kudos to Shawn!

Other than all that stuff, I am also plotting out another vampire romance and hoping to high heaven that I can find a publisher for it because as far as I know, Knight Watch Press doesn't do romance and I don't think they ever plan to do romance, either.  That's fine with me.  I love the people with Knight Watch and just because I plan on writing more romance doesn't mean that I won't be submitting more of my creepy stuff to Knight Watch.  As far as I'm concerned, they'll always get first dibs on my work because I've been treated very well there.

And aside from writing, I hope to accomplish many things this year.  Like, I want to lose a few pounds. I can do this, too. I'm multi-talented, didn't you know? I want to cut back on my nicotine intake and also stop beating myself up over stupid stuff and stop being so nervous about trivial things such as book releases and reviews.  Ya know.  Same stuff as last year, only I really mean it this time...

I don't have much else to say, so I'm just going to post a photo of a Labyrinth tee shirt. Enjoy and Happy New Years!

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  1. Sounds like a full year, Rhiannon. Good luck with all of those projects. I love the bit about you guys and the noble cause of eradicating the world of sparkling vampires. Where do I sign?
    Have a great week.