Thursday, January 19, 2012

Immortal 3 and Sierra Jasper's novella

I've been hacking away for months on my computer trying to plot out a third Immortal Book.  I toyed with the idea of writing the third book with Jeremiah Steele as the hero and giving him a witch heroine, but quite frankly, Jeremiah Steele bores me to tears because he's such a grouch! Alas, Jeremiah Steele may show up again in another Immortal book, but he probably will not get his own book.

Without further ado, I bring you a bit about the REAL third Immortal book.  

For those of you who read and enjoyed (or not lol) my Immortal books, you know that Lillith is a real biotch to the umpteenth power and that she will stop at absolutely nothing to get what she wants from the vampires and demons who have contracts with her.  Ain't no rest for the wicked, indeed.  Her main goal, for those who do NOT know, is to gather as many cambions as she possibly can so that she can create an army of them to do her bidding.  

Let's back up and define a cambion, shall we...

CAMBION:  Person born with one mortal human parent and one demonic parent.  The demonic parent is called an incubus (male) or a succubus (female) and can be either a demon or a vampire. 

Quickly, I'd like to add that the third Immortal book, as of yet untitled, will lean more towards horror-romance than romance with slight creepy stuff. 

In the third Immortal book, the main character's name is Artemis Charlotte Gregory or "Arty" for short.  Artemis was raised by abusive adoptive parents and has an adoptive brother named Cole.  She absolutely adored her adoptive brother because they often rescued each other from their adoptive father's wrath.  Arty is 26 years old and has always known that she was a bit different, but had no clue just HOW different.  Sometimes she would wish something and it would just happen.  Sometimes she would express utter distaste for food and the taste would miraculously change to a more suitable taste for her.  Small things, right?  Well, one night Artemis meets a vampire and he changes her life forever.  With one bite, one exchange of blood, she becomes 3/4 vampire, putting her into genetic limbo.

When I say "genetic limbo" I mean that until she makes her first vampire kill with her own fangs (that she acquired through drinking the blood of Greek vampire Demitrius Petrakos) she will be a cambion with the bloodlust of a newborn vampire for years.  Like a full vampire, she will not age.  She will crave blood and also food. 

Demitrius Petrakos is a vampire who has made it his life's work to relocate cambions.  He looks at it as a hobby, but he does it because Demitrius himself is an incubus vampire and he hates to think that if he ever were to decide to have a child, Lillith would come after it.  Also, Demitrius has a thing for the blood of

I won't say much else because there are things in the story that I still have to work on. I'm excited to be writing more about Lillith, though.  She's the bad girl we all love to hate...and in honesty, I sometimes wish I were more like her (although somewhat less, um, undead). 

Oh, and for those of you who have been expressing interest in Sierra Jasper's character in Immortal Embrace, I'd love for you to know that I'm still working here and there on Sierra's novella, which will go over how she met Simon years and years ago during WW2. 

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