Monday, December 19, 2011

Z-Boat by Suzanne Robb

I had heard over and over about the impending release of this book through facebook posts by the author, Suzanne Robb, and each one was like slow torture.  Zombies? In water? WOW.  I'm pretty sure that's a new concept for my brain to wrap around, but it's a concept that I'm glad Ms. Robb tackled.  I'm conflicted a bit about the book because I'm primarily a vampire reader (or at least I WAS until recently) and a great part of me feels like I've betrayed my first love...vampires.

And then I realize that vampires and zombies have a lot in common and both of them have similar goals...ravage the living for consumption.  So I'm good with this change in reading material.

Moving on to Z-Boat....

I enjoy Suzanne's writing quite a bit and I feel like if I were to sit down to a hot cup of coffee with her, we'd have a lot to talk about.  I like when I read someone else's books and can immediately get a feel for what the writer might be like.  This tells me that she really put her heart and soul into the work and that also means that since she cared about her book so much during the writing process, she covered every nook and cranny of the story with warrior-like precision.  After I finished the book, I found that this assumption is very true of Ms. Robb.  She did a fantastic job.

Suzanne Robb's descriptions were spot on and her imagination is phenomenal. The characters in this book are all believable.  I just love it when I can read a book and find that the characters within its pages all remind me of people I've known in my own lifetime, both good and bad.  She has written her characters to be personable, likeable, detestable, good, bad, and a well mix of other things.  Kudos to her for that.

One constant thought that I had while reading the book was that if Z-Boat were a movie, it would appeal to lots of different audiences.  Syfy people, zombie lovers, horror lovers, mystery lovers...all types of movie goers would enjoy it.  So, in that line of thinking, all types of readers will enjoy the book.

Z-Boat was very entertaining also.  And after all, if a book isn't entertaining, no matter how well written, it goes into my never-to-be-read-again pile. 

Unfortunately, I'm not giving away any spoilers.  I won't tell you a lot about the plot and I won't give away the ending of a book in one of my reviews.  You'll have to read it for yourself.

BUT, if you wish to know a bit more about the book, here's what the description on Amazon says:

"The Earth has been pillaged and polluted; the sun has not broken through the smog for over a decade. The oceans and rivers have all turned toxic. Man's last hope for survival is to search the ocean depths for alternative fuel, food, and clean water sources. If they fail, mankind will die. The Betty Loo, a search and rescue submarine, captained by Iain Kingston, is hired at a price no one could refuse. The crew must deal with distrust, sabotage, and spies willing to do whatever it takes to get what they want. What they find on board The Widowmaker the submarine they have been dispatched to help will test each person's will to survive and force enemies to work together. If they don't they will all die, and what rises to the surface will bring hell to Earth."

My advice to you is that you do buy this book because whether you love zombies, mysteries, thrillers, horror, or a combination of all of these things, I promise that the book will appeal to you...and it looks nifty sitting in the bookshelf.  The cover is pretty great.  I do believe that it was designed by none other than the talented David Naughton-Shires...and for those of you who don't know this, he also designed the cover for The Demon King (along with a lot of other awesome covers).

Rhiannon's Rating:  <3 <3 <3 <3 < Five hearts! :) So I guess that makes a grand total of four books/comics in the history of my writing reviews that have made it to five entire hearts. Go Suzanne!

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