Friday, December 16, 2011

Hand Puppet Horror by Benny Alano

I'm not much for kids books at all, even though I have four little yard apes of my own.  I do read with them and we have fun doing it, but I can't say that I enjoy kids' stories if it's not a classic like Peter Pan or stories written by The Brothers Grimm. 

I was given a copy of Hand Puppet Horror for review, though.  I agreed to this because the author is a great guy and someone I consider to be a positive acquaintance.  I decided that the best way to go about reviewing a book that I normally wouldn't review would be to enlist the help of a seven year old boy.

On Amazon the description for the book is as follows:  "When Jay’s hand puppet, Yeti Booger, comes to life and defends him against Greg, the school bully, he thinks it’s the coolest thing in the world, but after the creature becomes more than he can handle, Jay must figure out how Yeti Booger came to life and stop him before anyone else is hurt. It truly is a HAND PUPPET HORROR."

I never tell too much about plot in my reviews or what happens when and why because I don't like to give out spoilers in my blog or wherever else I might post the review.

Getting back to my point, my seven year old son, (Allen) Booger, was as giddy as can be because the puppet in the story was also named (Yeti) Booger. We read chapter by chapter, little at a time, because he has a very short attention span.  My son is not your average kid.  He hates to read.  He likes to be read to, but only in short bursts.  He also loves Cake Boss, but that's another post...

Having this book on my computer screen every other day or so was fun for both my son and myself.  He enjoyed the pictures in the book as much as the story and he asked me questions all through the process about the content AND the pictures and just about everything else, so there were a few pit stops during each

All together, the story is well written, well thought out, imaginative, bright (in a dark, creepy, childlike sort of way), and best of all, the story is a real story.  It's not the kind of children's book about a kid who does this and that and then this happens and that happens.  There's a REAL story there.  Sometimes children's authors forget to use their imaginations when they write, which is a real pity.  This author not only used his imagination, but he let it take over.

Well done.

Rhiannon's Rating: <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Five hearts for Benny Alano!


  1. Very cute. Thanks for sharing. Alas, my boys are getting too old for me to read to them. I did read them both Barker's "The Thief of Always" and King's "The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon" when they were young. Thankfully, neither one grew up too twisted... Not too much, anyway. ;)


  2. LOL! Glad that you enjoyed the review, Jimmy. I read The Brothers Grimm to my kids and also a lot of comics and things of that nature. It's fun...and all of us enjoy them.