Friday, December 16, 2011

According to my Spam...

Every now and then, though not nearly often enough, I get just bored enough to clean out the spam box in my email.  It's always a hoot.  I learn something new every single time.

So, here is the first item in my spam folder that I wanted to share...

Apparently, horny housewives all across America are just dying to get their hands on me.  I'm a hot commodity, you know.  I can't say that I blame them...

Also, I've won three million dollars!!! YAY!!! Jahit, from some country I'm not sure that I've heard of, says that I'm the long lost ancestor of a man he worked for.  The man is dead, and I'm the dead guy's heir.  I think I'm going to invest in a good, sturdy, tudor style house somewhere first.  Then I'm going to hire someone to cook and clean and wash dishes...But, first I have to send Jahit an email that includes all of my personal information, like my social security number, birthday, phone number, address, etc.

I have also learned through my spam folder that if I had genital warts, I wouldn't be alone.  In fact, a lot of young people today have warts and for the low LOW price of $59.98, I could cure the genital warts FOREVER. 

I just can't wait until I find what awaits in my spam folder next week...


I'm taking a writing break until further notice.  I'm probably not going to be writing ANYTHING until after the holidays are officially done and over.  I won't write another word until the last bit of wrapping paper is safely deposited into the trash can.  I feel like my nerves are frazzled and I'm just worn out, so this break is a very positive thing for me.  

After the holidays, though, I have several projects to work on.

#1-  Elizabeth Bathory.  I'm seven and a half chapters in.  I have many, many chapters to go and I've given myself a goal for completion.  Hopefully, I'll have it done and handed in to Knight Watch by late spring, so that aims for maybe a summer release, depending on how things go.

#2-  Into the Underworld.........  For those who are following progress on The Demon King, you should know that it will be released sometime within the next bit.  No date yet, but it will happen quickly when it happens, I think.  I've written a chapter already for the second book (if Knight Watch decides to take it on too lol) and thus far, I have plans to send our dear sweet Willow into purgatory, on a journey deep into the depths of the Underworld, to places that weren't described at all in the first book.  Places that would make your skin crawl.  The fire wraiths will play a bigger role in this story and there will be a few new faces as well as a few known ones, too.  I have big plans for this story, but no deadlines set in stone since I'm also working first and foremost on Elizabeth Bathory.  

#3-  Vampyres:  A History Written In Blood-- The deadline for submissions is in February and that's right around the corner, so if you haven't submitted yet and you'd like to, you still have plenty of time to do so.  

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