Friday, November 25, 2011

Who's A Hater?....

Hi guys.  I know it's been a while, but I've been super busy. Super DUPER busy.  I've somehow managed to get final edits for The Demon King ready and done and handed in.  I've also written the first five chapters of my Elizabeth Bathory novel in progress, Bathe With Me, and I've also had a few other projects to work on and a few other short stories written and submitted.

But, in the midst of all this writing, I've done some reading.  I've been a member of a fan group for a certain author some of you just might know of named David Moody and until a bit ago, I'd never even read any of his books.  I asked other members of Moody's Survivors which book I should read first, and the general consensus was HATER.

Generally I think of haters as, well, ill mannered people, but in the book, David Moody's haters bring a whole new dimension to the word.  I began reading the book on Amazon (they let you read the first few pages before you decide to buy) and was hooked from the first few fast paced pages.  I moved on, ordered the book without hesitation, and a week or so later, it arrived in the mail and I could finally finish reading.  I'm not sorry that I ordered it at all.  It's a great read.

Without giving much of the plot away, I'll give you a quick synopsis of the book in my own simple way (lol)...

Dude sees other dudes knocking the ever loving shit out of each other for no reason.  Other dudes are doing this all over the place.  It's an epidemic of dudes (called Haters) knocking the ever loving shit out of each other.  HOWEVER, there is more to this epidemic than meets the eye (of course).  If there wasn't, it would be just an episode of WWE. 

All joking aside, the book was written in a way that made me feel like I was there, as though a stray Hater was going to come out of hiding and knock the ever loving shit out of ME.  Quite frankly, I like books that give me that feeling and I think most other people do too.  The characters in the book are very well fleshed out and you can see yourself or people you know in their shoes.  David Moody writes with a style that would be very easy for even the most challenged readers to understand the material (and enjoy it)-this, for me, is a plus because I think that Hater would be a great book for older teenagers who don't necessarily like to read, but enjoy a good ass kicking story.

Moody uses clear descriptions and doesn't pussy foot around the story like other authors have done.  I hate it when people do that. It makes you forget what was going on because you're now focused on a rug in the middle of the room that whatever it is is happening in.  Thank goodness Moody doesn't do that! Reading a book that takes ten pages to describe a crack in the ceiling is quite annoying. No one likes that and so many authors today do that crap.

One thing that I really really really loved about Hater, though, is that the chapters are not too long and not too short (again, Moody doesn't pussy foot around and STILL manages to tell you what's going on and describe what needs to be described to the reader with perfection!) so that I can read a chapter while waiting in the doctor's office or in the car on my way to the store (not while driving lol) or whatever.  I also loved that the main character in the story has kids and a wife and a father in law that he is on less than perfect terms with.  If I'm not mistaken, that's called DEPTH in a character and it's something that I always look for.

Situations that the main character goes through in the story are also very real and very true to life.  Things that he thinks and says while at work, while taking care of his children, while alone with his wife are all things that we've all said or thought at one point in our lives.  He's a very real person. Another bonus for readers, I think.

As some of my blog readers and facebook friends are also Moody readers and readers who may one day read this book but haven't done so yet, I won't give out the plot or major plot points, but I will say this... Well done, David Moody.

Rhiannon's Rating: <3 <3 <3 <3 FOUR hearts :)

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