Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Untitled Pirate Romance Introduction :)

Recently I stumbled upon an old manuscript.  I wrote this story several years back (I can't believe it's that old lol) and I'd given it to my cousin.  She wanted to read it.  A week ago, she brought it back to me and I was ready to jump up and down because I'd lost the original file on my old computer.  I wrote this story before I wrote Immortal Ties.  After looking at it, I found more mistakes than I will ever admit in my entire life. Ever. 

So I'm editing the story and I have just typed up the Introduction. There may possibly still be some mistakes in there, but if there are, I apologize.  I'll get them all before I actually decide what to do with it.  

Anyhow, here is the introduction to my untitled pirate story. 

The Dark Lady

    Captain James Hollows stared out at the horizon.  It was nothing but crystal blue sea, a blue and white marbled sky, and himself, along with the crew of his ship, The Dark Lady.  He was headed for Port Royal to drop the last of his plundered goods, then home to his beautiful island and his empty home.  It was going to be heavenly to get there if he could do so without his brother catching up to him first. 

    Jasper, his brother, would eventually show up, James knew, because James had exactly what Jasper wanted.  His island.  If Jasper had his way, James’s secluded getaway isle would be chock full of pirates trying to dump their findings, sell things to the residents there, and make the island their personal hideaway, just like Port Royal.  There would be absolutely no rest for the wicked. 

    But, James found it first and he wasn’t sharing.  

    James felt bad enough that he had to share the trading company with his brother for a time.  He quickly realized that he couldn’t share a business with Jasper.  Jasper was a hard hearted business man just like James, but unlike James, Jasper cared little for the work.  His mind was always elsewhere and his heart didn’t exist, thanks to a certain heiress named Susanna Accord.
    James stared out to sea again and shook off the thoughts of his brother.  Typically, such thoughts left a bad taste in his mouth.  He soon spotted Port Royal coming into view.  Taking in a deep sigh of the salty sea air, James smiled.  The sea was magnificent.  It was encoded in his blood.  No other life, aside from sea life, would ever do for him.  It was all he ever wanted, other than more treasure and a fine lady to entertain inside the brothels of Port Royal whenever he took a whim. 

    The promise of a few nights of wenching and all the rum he could ever dare to drink loomed in the air.  His crew was in rather good spirits as the spirit of Port Royal’s festivities lingered ahead of them.  It was a short vacation to them, a pit stop on the way home, wherever their homes may have been.

    Once the boat had been docked and he had given the orders for half the crew to stay behind and the other half to enjoy port, then switch in a few hours, Captain Hollows was on his way to one of his favorite brothels.  He had decided to stay the night at The Red Hen before he even entered.  If Rachelle was there, he knew he’d need all the rest he could get.

    There were men all over the place already and it wasn’t quite dusk yet.  Several card games were taking place and there were bets being made, as usual.  It didn’t take long before his presence was noticed. 

    “Captain Hollows, how long have you been in Port Royal?”  One busty lady crooned, nearly knocking over a dozen shot glasses on a table as she stumbled forward. 

    “Only a little while.  Less than an hour.”  James smiled at the girl.  He easily recognized her face, remembering a night he’d spent there with her a few years ago, before Rachelle had ever come along.  “Where is Rachelle?” 

    The girl’s smile disappeared into a side smirk.  “Didn’t you hear?  She got married last week.” 

    His eyes widened.  “What a pity.”  Frowning, he took the girl by the hand and led her to the upstairs portion of the establishment. 

    It took a few hours for James to drink his fill, but when Charlie Proffitt had come to his side and announced proudly that their goods had been properly unloaded and he had received a fine payment, Captain Hollows knew that it was time to go.

    Charlie, his first mate, helped keep the captain balanced as they made it through the crowded alley ways of Port Royal with the dank smell of stale drinks and urine assaulting their noses and stomachs all the way. 

    “Easy Cap’n!”  Charlie steadied him, laughing. 

    James muttered something incoherent and pulled Charlie down a shortcut path through the middle of two shady establishments.  “This way, Charlie.”  He muttered.

    Charlie followed him.  “We never went this way, Cap’n.”  Warningly, Charlie gripped his sword.  Once, Port Royal had been called the wickedest city in the world.  Charlie wasn’t about to take a gamble with his life.

    James stood next to a pile of wooden crates in bewilderment  and Charlie’s mouth gaped wide open. 

    “My God!”  Charlie exclaimed, staring at a completely naked woman tossed over the rubble.
    James turned his head to one side and suddenly felt a tugging at his heart.  He’d just used a woman and felt the sudden need to right his wrongs by helping another.  Whoever she was, she was still breathing and some fool had thrown her to the wolves.  A woman naked in an alleyway was a treat to some of the vile ingrates that visited Port Royal.  “Looks like she’s breathing.”  He stared down at her as he went over endless possibilities in his head.  Shouldn’t he just leave her there?

    “C’mon, Cap’n.  We gotta get to the ship before the crew tears everything up.”  Charlie began to walk away.

    James stood staring at the girl.  Her long brown hair was matted behind her head.  Her chest rose and fell with the salty sea air that she breathed and her eyes were closed tight.  Every few minutes she mumbled something incoherent about her mug.  He tried not to think of the affect her body was having on his, but instead and without thinking, he lifted her up and tossed her over his shoulder.  With a quick breath, he began to carry her off with him.

    Charlie stared at James as though he’d grown a second head.  “Are you mad?  It’s bad luck!” He fumed.  “We can’t have a girl on the ship!”

    “Gimme your shirt.”  Captain Hollows instructed his first mate.  It was his demanding voice, but his eyes were as wide as a child’s eyes.  James knew that if his crew were to see what he’d just seen, her perfect, naked body, there would be a mutiny. 

    Charlie huffed, but removed his shirt and tossed it over the naked girl’s body on James’s shoulder and tucked it all around her.  “I don’t know why I’m helping you do this.  She could have a husband somewhere, Cap’n!”

    James smirked, but didn’t answer.  He kept walking.

    Minutes later, James and Charlie boarded the ship.  James quickly took the girl to his cabin and flung her onto his bed and locked her inside for her own safety.  He threatened the crew with life and limb if anyone touched her.  He didn’t know what it was about the girl or why he felt so drawn to save her from the fate that Port Royal would have delivered her, but he knew that he couldn’t have lived with leaving her there for the animals at port.  His conscience would have eventually killed him. 

    The thought had crossed his mind that this girl would look really nice exploring his island…

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