Friday, October 7, 2011

Possible Historical Figures

Some of you have expressed interest in the Vampyres: A History Written In Blood anthology that my partner and myself are editing, but are having trouble choosing a historical figure to write about.  I, being the nerd that I am, have decided that I'd compile a list of possible historical figures.  You do NOT have to choose from this list. You are free to write about whoever you want, but this may help get the creative juices flowing...

Bonnie Parker/Clyde Barrow

Bonnie Parker/ Clyde Barrow
Jim Morrison
Anne Bonny/Mary Reade
Edgar Alan Poe
George Washington
Robert E. Lee
Bram Stoker
Charlotte and/or Emily Bronte
Adolf Hitler
Bloody Mary Tudor
Marc Antony
Molly Brown
Coco Chanel
Sir Winston Churchill
Amelia Earhart
Albert Einstein
Elvis Presley
Babe Ruth
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Andy Warhol
The Wright Brothers
The Brothers Grimm
Clara Barton (Civil War nurse, founder of the American Red Cross)
Martha Jane Cannary "Calamity Jane"
Georgia O'Keefe
Claude Monet
Crazy Horse
William F. Cody "Buffalo Bill"
Ulysses S. Grant  

I will often add names to this list as they come to me.  I certainly hope that this may help some of you out.

Titanic survivor, Molly Brown.  Makes you wonder how she survived, doesn't it... :)

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  1. I am sticking to my Vlad the impaler. But it would be cool if someone did one on the Brother's Grim. Vampire writers would be very cool. Show them as vampires but also as writers. Have the two personalies come together. So often we just get the vampire point of view. But us writers have our own ways of thinking. Might make for an interesting tale!