Monday, September 19, 2011

Sweet Irish Kiss by JoAnne Kenrick

As it happens, there's a new book out that I would really love to read. The author is JoAnne Kenrick and the book is titled "Sweet Irish Kiss." Just in case anyone else is interested, here is a bit of information about JoAnne's new release.

Sweet Irish Kiss
1NightStand Story
Releases 30th September
Ingredients for a perfect Irish Kiss; Baileys, Kahula, and whipped cream. For a Sweet Irish Kiss...just add Shaun Bell, a divorced workaholic bar-owner in Soho, London. Line up ladies. He's ready to love again.

Rachel Taylor was damaged by Daddy Dearest's play-away from home attitude. She wants to put her best foot forward. Only problem is, she stumbles backward each time she tries.

The 1NightStand match-making site brings this pair together for a night of guilt and commitment free sex. It's a match made in heaven until morning rolls around and Shaun can't bring himself to say goodbye. Can he win her over with his Sweet Irish Kiss, or will Rachel still see the neon "potential cheater" sign above his head?

Excerpt that I dug up at The Pop Culture Divas blog.

***Excerpt taken from the first chapter of Sweet Irish Kiss***

“Ya game is fine, but ya booze-eyes are a problem. Not like ya ta drink this much. I reckon ya banjo’d, so ya are.” Devlin’s thick Irish accent coated each word; a childhood bud and Shaun’s only full-time bartender, he’d come over from Northern Ireland weeks earlier.
Shaun staggered toward his friend behind the bar, tail between his legs. Devlin reached over and snatched the remaining dart from him. He frowned. “No more darts for ya tonight. Ya need ta sober up, so ya do. Coffee? Aye, it’s time for a coffee. San, bring this lad a strong’n.” Sandra, a part timer and born ’n bred Londoner, scurried to the pot and set about getting her boss a cup of the good stuff.
“Gawdon Bennet! Donkey Amateur Dart night. I curse internet shopping and that darn dart board Shaun found doing it.” Sandra clanked the teaspoon in her boss’s cup and went about her vent session with vengeance. “Lawd above! Sunday nights were nice before that bunch took residence. Should be home with my grandkids telling them tales, not here serving this impatient lot, innit.” She poured the full-fat milk and presented the coffee to Shaun. “There, don’t say I don’t do nothing for you.” He winked at her. “Don’t you go flashing your gorgeous greens at me, either. It’s so not gonna fly, mister!” Sandra wiped down the bar and went to serve a punter.
“Dev, I’ve only had two pints. What the hell is wrong with me?” He perched on a barstool and smiled at his friend. He’d lived in London since a child, so his Irish slang wasn’t as pronounced as Devlin’s.
“Pack that in for starters. Ya need ta save it for ya lady friend tomorrow.” Shaun laughed and ushered him to the customer side of the bar by patting the empty barstool to his right.
“San, pour up a pint of Beamish for me mate here.” He frowned upon seeing his friend’s mocking expression. “’I don’t mind admitting I’m nervous about tomorrow night.”

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