Sunday, September 18, 2011

Open Submission Call!

I've already listed this in the "Open Submissions" Tab, but here it is again in a post. 

Working Title: Vampyres: A History Written in Blood
Publisher: KnightWatch Press
Edited by: Shawn M. Riddle, Rhiannon Mills
Release Date: TBA

“Vampyres: A History Written in Blood” is a Vampyres through time based anthology. Choose a historical figure through time. Good or Evil does not matter. Write a “What if” type story about this person. Example: What if George Washington had been a vampire. Would he still have risen to become the “Father” of the United States? Would he instead have raised an Army of vampires to wipe out humanity? The possibilities are limitless. Use your imagination, you have full creative freedom. The only stipulation is your character must be a well known historical figure who was actually a vampire and what that world would have been like. We are looking for horror based themes. Show the Vampire for what it really is without sparkling teenagers giving each other piggyback rides through the trees. Also we encourage you to change historical events to your pleasure. You can change facts, but remain historically correct. Example: a woman in the sixteenth century is not likely to be talking on the telephone...

What we want:
We are looking for short fiction horror stories between 4,000 and 8,000 words pertaining to the ‘Vampyres: A History Written in Blood’ theme of the book. Any plot that is conforming to this theme is acceptable except for sexual content including but not limited to rape, bestiality, and sexual torture of any kind. Remember that horror takes many guises.

What rights do we want?
First publishing rights, the right to use the story for as long as there is demand for the book in print, digital and audio format, the right to edit each story for any missed grammatical errors, and the right to use parts of the book and the author's name for promotion. You will keep all other rights and can republish the story once the anthology has been in print for six months.

What you get:
All authors who submit a story that is chosen for publication will receive a copy of the book as payment. They will also be able to avail of the author discount of 25% off cover price when buying 5 copies or more directly from KnightWatch.

How your stories should be sent:
All entries MUST be a .doc file. The text must be 12pt Garamond single spaced please indent paragraphs with one hit on the tab key.

Emails with submissions sent in any other format will be replied with a request to convert the file into a .doc format.

Title, Author's Name, Word Count, and Author's Email MUST be on the first page of the document.
The stories should be edited to the best of your ability but they will be looked over for any missed grammatical errors.
The story should be single-spaced with as little formatting as possible.

Where to send it:
Send all submissions via email to with the subject line Vampyre Submission

When to send it by:
Deadline for submission is February 29, 2012. We will take all entries and choose the best of the bunch for publication! Reading will not start until at least the middle of January 2012.

Submissions are open to EVERYONE so take this opportunity to try for the first time or write for the hundredth time!!

If you have ANY questions at all, Email or

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