Saturday, September 17, 2011

Moon Men

Characteristics of the Cancerian Male...

Cancerian men are like toddlers in the sense that they hold on to everything. EVERYTHING! This includes people, places, things memories…everything! They will remember your anniversaries, birthdays, and other events, but will forget the most important things, like doctor’s appointments and court dates.
On the flipside, they are excellent chefs and give a great message. They are very hands on, and articulate. The bothersome side is that they will aggravate you to death to get their way. They have a great sense of humor though, unless they feel like the joke is on them, and if so, they’ll sulk for hours, maybe even days or weeks. 

They need to be mothered, however, and are the types that look for someone to take the place of theirs, often comparing women to his mom. They also usually end up with some sort of issue with their fathers that they always have to work out, but not all of them use this as emotional baggage. They’re very sentimental, and very hard workers, but they leave decision making to someone else.

These are very strong men, passionate in all that they do, and NORMALLY make great fathers. They wouldn’t abandon their children for anything, but there is always a negative with the positive. Occasionally, a Cancerian man or two has been known to be so wrapped up in themselves that they leave the childrearing to their spouse instead, and these are the ones that you should avoid at all costs. It does happen! 

Cancer male friends:

They make wonderful friends. If you ever need anything, they’re the first to make sure you have what you need, but not always first to help. For that you need a Pisces. They enjoy hanging out at their houses as apposed to going out on the town, though when they do go out, they go ALL out. Finer dining, spending money left and right (Cancer females, on the flipside, are excellent with money, but as a Cancerian male leaves finance to his spouse, he spends easily), and partying until sunup. 

If you fight with him, he’s quick to forgive, as Cancerians (both male and female) are very forgiving and make really great doormats. 


The Cancerian man is a tender lover, but intense at the same time. He is quite clingy, however, and can drown his partner in his affections to a point where some women will tuck tail and run! However, if you want a “romeo” then you’ve found the right man. 

The best matches for a Cancerian male are Pisces, Scorpio, Virgo and Taurus.

Pisces women- This is a great match. A Pisces woman will make a Cancerian man really feel wanted. She’ll tend to all of his needs, and life in this couple’s bedroom takes on a jungle feel….they make it sizzle! They will bond both physically and mentally and a good long term relationship is probable, but if it ends, both will mourn the loss for a considerable amount of time, though Pisces is more likely to move on first.

Taurus Women- Another great match, though sometimes they will fight over the smaller things, and don’t always understand each other. Fights will quickly resolve over coffee and dinner (that Cancer man has cooked to prepare to soothe his Taurus lady love).

Virgo Women- I see this as being a match of intrigue. These are almost complete opposites as Cancer feels everything and Virgo doesn’t seem to feel anything. Most of these relationships end in the sack, but sometimes can make for an interesting long term deal.

Scorpio women- Cancer won’t want to let go of her! The Scorpio woman will love his romantic side and drown him in deep waters of her sexual prowess. Very likely to make a long term commitment together.
Cancerian men are very emotional, hard workers, hoarders, sentimental, thoughtful, intuitive, clingy, and over-emotional at times. They make great domesticated mates, and after Pisces men, the most romantic lover and best friends you’ll find. They can be somewhat lazy, however, and not that great to clean up after themselves. They look for a mother figure to do it for them.

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