Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jackson Bennett takes the first bite...

Just another excerpt for you guys. I would love feedback and comments are always welcome.   


It didn’t take Bennett long to start nosing around once he’d gotten inside and relocked the door behind himself.  Being of a naturally curious nature, he wanted to know more about her than what he already knew from roaming about her place while she was gone and stalking her through the city.  Seeing someone in their natural habitat was different than seeing the habitat uninhibited.

    He could hear her slow steady breaths from her bedroom, hear the sheets shuffling about her body as she turned or shifted while she slept.  A sly smile curled along Bennett’s lips as he stood in her bedroom doorway and unbuttoned the front of his long black jacket, tossing it to the floor in a heap around his boots.  His eyes darkened in the anticipation of the first taste of her. 

    Amalia tossed around in her bed, kicking sheets and thin blankets around at the foot of the bed, winding part of the sheet around her previously slashed wrist..  Scant moonlight beamed in through a small crack between the two sides of her curtains, giving her bed a blue illumination that made Bennett even more hungry for the blood that flowed freely within her small veins.

    No, he thought. I can’t do it now. I should wait. 

    The memory of how her sweet blood had smelled when she had slashed her wrists permeated his thoughts and he could hardly contain himself.  After all, it was her blood that he was after, not her good company nor any other of the fine attributes that he saw in her.  Attributes be damned; she had an entire body full of blood, blood that he craved so heartily that the want nearly thwarted him from his original plans and almost pushed him into a feeding frenzy when she pushed her covers around one more time and pulled her hair away from her face and neck so that she could rest more comfortably.

    Bennett felt his jaw tighten, his gums beginning to ache, and the familiar sweet sting of fangs pushing out to be seen and felt.  He closed his eyes and breathed in her scent again, daring to inch closer to her bed where he loomed over her, wantonly breathing her in even more before choosing to sit at the foot over wrinkled sheets.

    A soft moan escaped Amalia’s throat, possibly the affect of some dream or other that she was having, but Bennett cared little what caused it.  To him, it was sweet music.  Would she make those sorts of sounds when his fangs ripped into her flesh or would she call out with half-feral surprise and clutch his shoulders to balance herself and her shock? 

    With the tip of his tongue, Bennett tested the tip of one fang, then the other as he moved closer, edging around the side of her mattress until he was sitting close enough to her upper body that he could nearly hear her calling out to him.  She was practically inviting a small attack.

    With the corners of his mouth tipping upward in his selfish grin, Bennett leaned over Amalia, ever so slightly, and pulled her upper body into his cold embrace.  Her eyelids fluttered until the finally opened to reveal sleepy brown irises surrounded by long black lashes.  He wasted no time in pulling her long, unruly dark hair to one side as he tipped her neck with it and sank his fangs deep into her.

    As a reflex, she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and released a guttural cry.  Her instincts apparently told her not to try to force him away for fear of ripping his fangs through her skin, but this feeble attempt to balance herself and stay still only lasted a few seconds.  Once he sank his fangs deeper, her soft, warm body thrashed against his hard, cold one.  She raked her fingernails up his shoulder blades and he had to tighten his grip on her, his fingers digging into the fleshiest parts of her soft hips, daring to push two digits beneath the flimsy material of her silk shorts, but he kept them there rather than violating the girl further. 

    He did have morals and standards, after all. 

    Finally, leaning over one knee, he gently pushed her back against the mattress, his fangs still sank deep within her soft tissues.  Amalia’s tear streaked face dampened the side of his face, her grip tightened against him even more, and then, surprisingly, she released him and closed her eyes.

    Bennett lapped at her still and was only interrupted from his task when Amalia spoke through a weakened voice and ragged breaths.

    “Is this how I die, then?  Did you save me only to kill me yourself?”  She sniffed, her breaths picking up pace a little more, then slowing again.

    Bingo, he thought.  “Of course not, my pet.” He grinned to himself.  Chicks always dug it when he used phrases like “my love,” and “my pet.” 

    “But you’re a vampire, right?  Isn’t that what vampires do?”  She asked innocently, her big brown eyes giving her the look of a doe caught in the headlights.

    Her innocence pushed his thoughts momentarily back to another day and time, another century, another girl.  “Not always, my love.”  Irritated with her ongoing dialogue, he sank his fangs a little bit deeper.  Maybe that would shut her up.

    “Owwww!” She wailed this time, squirming a bit beneath him.  “Does it always hurt so bad?”

    Oh my God, why doesn’t she just shut up and die already!
  Bennett sucked harder at her open wound.  He didn’t answer her for fear that it may entice her to speak even more when all he really wanted was to continue to taste her.  By far, she was the best thing he’d tasted in centuries. 

    Then, she did the unexpected.  Amalia wrapped her arms around his neck, and whispered into his ear, “I want to feel more.”

    The taste of her was scintillating, arousing, fresh, and so much more than he’d expected that he could not deny this request.  Choosing to look at it as her last request, he obliged, longingly. 

    With one swift movement, Bennet kicked his boots off and released his hold on her.  She evidently wasn’t going to run away.  She rested her head easier against the pillows, allowing him to creep on top of her and yank her hips closer to his.  If nothing else, the impact of his silver skull belt buckle may just hurt the delicate skin beneath her silk shorts, but if it did, she didn’t say or do anything that would let him know.  Other than another soft moan here and there, she didn’t make any noise at all for quite a while.

    He scraped his fangs down the length of her leg, then back up again as he pushed one of her legs to one side, then bit her inner thigh to taste her there as well.  Tomorrow she would hate him, he thought.  Tomorrow, she would hurt so badly, from head to toe, that the next time he came to her, she would be terrified of him.  After what he had planned for her for the rest of the night, she’d never want to see him again.  But, of course, she would see him again.  If he didn’t kill her, that is.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My birth chart !

Today I got onto a website that calculated my birth chart. Here are the results. How cool is that :) Also explains a lot about me. 

Here is the Astro Chart you requested:

Hi there, here is the interpretation of the astrological chart that you asked for. Thank you for visiting our web site. This report has been created especially for you. It represents your Unique picture at the time you were born and at the place you were born. If you are unsure of the exact time of day of your birth (or the date or the place), the reading will probably not seem as accurate as it could be in certain places, but other parts will seem to be very appropriate. You will notice at certain places in the reading that contradictory information seems to be given. This is to be expected, because the personality of most people is extremely complex. For example, at times we are quite shy and at other times we are very aggressive, and so forth. You will also notice that, at certain points in the reading, certain patterns may be repeated over and over, especially in a longer more detailed report than this one. This is also to be expected. This simply means that your horoscope has an extremely strong focus on this particular pattern and that you should pay extra close attention to what is said about it. Now, on with your Report!

Name: Kelly
July 16 1983
2:11 AM Time Zone is EDT
Portsmouth, VA

Rising Sign is in 27 Degrees Taurus
Calm and deliberate, you hate to move quickly or act hastily. Very practical, every effort must count or you can't be bothered. Patient, persistent and steady, but very stubborn -- you can't be pushed or pressured into anything. You seem outwardly self-assured because you tend to repress your inner tension and turmoil. You exude an earthy warmth, friendliness and charm. You demand comfortable surroundings and appreciate the good life. Be careful of a tendency to be overly self-indulgent. At times, you are lazy and difficult to motivate. Overcoming inertia is a problem for you and, because you are not by nature a self-starter, it is often necessary for you to receive stimuli from others in order to get moving.

Sun is in 23 Degrees Cancer.
Very emotional and sensitive, you have an intuitive understanding of the "vibes" around you. You tend to be quite generous, giving, loving and caring, but only when your own needs for emotional support, love and security have been met. If they are not met, you tend to withdraw into yourself and become very insecure and selfish. Your home and family (especially your mother or the person who played that role for you early on) represent security for you and thus assume a larger-than-life importance. Very sentimental, you have vivid and long- enduring memories of the past. No matter how well adjusted you are, you will always need a secret quiet place of your own in order to feel at peace. Feeding others can give you great pleasure you would enjoy being part of a large family.

Moon is in 12 Degrees Libra.
Affectionate, warm and friendly, life must be a "beautiful" experience for you. Unpleasantness should be avoided at all costs. You tend to overlook other people's faults and you would rather give in than fight. You are uncomfortable with strangers, but at ease and sociable with friends and associates. Indeed, you would rather socialize than work -- you can use your prodigious charm to avoid unpleasant tasks. You need the support and assistance of another in order to get you started on any new project -- you are not a self-starter. Be careful of a tendency to be overly self-indulgent (i.e., lazy). Your refined aesthetic sensibilities attract you to music, dance, art and any other cultured activity.

Mercury is in 00 Degrees Leo.
You are usually quite convinced that your own ideas are correct and you enjoy persuading others that they are. At times, you are very stubborn and proud of your beliefs and principles, and you get very defensive when they are challenged. You appreciate truth and honesty -- you practice it yourself and expect it in others. You have good talent for organizing, directing and planning. You delight in being asked for your advice and counsel.

Venus is in 03 Degrees Virgo.
You express your love and affection through selfless service to people or causes. You have a tendency to underestimate yourself and doubt your self-worth. This is very demeaning and should be avoided -- learn to love yourself as well as you do others. Your standards of perfection are very high -- you are attracted to relationships based on duty and responsibility. You are supercritical of yourself and others and, at times, prefer to be alone rather than deal with any imperfections in yourself or in those with whom you might relate.

Mars is in 11 Degrees Cancer.
Your moods are very important to your overall well-being. You are confident and self-assertive when you are feeling upbeat, and you are retiring, irritable and grumpy when you get depressed about anything. Very sensitive, you wear your heart on your sleeve. You are easily angered whenever you think someone has slighted you. It is best for you to show your anger immediately and let it all out, rather than to try to hold it in or to hold grudges for a long time. You're extremely loyal and defensive of your family, neighborhood, community and culture.

Jupiter is in 01 Degrees Sagittarius.
You have a very strong sense of ethics and morality. You are widely read and may also be widely traveled because you are sincerely interested in expanding your knowledge of the world about you. At times, you have an annoying tendency to be self-righteous and preachy about your belief system. You are usually quite idealistic and you demand the right to be able to explore the entire world of experiences yourself. Remember to grant others the similar right -- be tolerant, not dogmatic.

Saturn is in 27 Degrees Libra.
Although you take quite a while to make decisions, you usually consider all sides to a question, all the pros and cons, and the solution you come up with is very often the correct one. You tend to be very reserved and shy, but, once you make a commitment to someone (in either a business or personal relationship), the partnership is forever. You have a strong sense of justice and fair play and greatly respect the laws and institutions by which you are governed. As such, you are outraged when others break laws or show contempt for authority.

Uranus is in 05 Degrees Sagittarius.
You, and most of your peers, have the tendency to think that all ideas, customs and traditions from the past are outmoded and irrelevant. You are attracted to radically new ideas, philosophies and religions that will, hopefully, cause sweeping changes throughout the world.

Neptune is in 27 Degrees Sagittarius.
You, and your entire generation, are heavily involved in investigating and idealizing foreign and exotic intellectual systems and religious philosophies. The most extreme ideals will be pursued with gusto. You will be at the forefront of humanitarian attempts to improve the lot of those who are in need of assistance. You will be comfortable with the concept of the "global village."

Pluto is in 26 Degrees Libra.
For your entire generation, this is a time of radical changes in society's attitude toward marriage and interpersonal relationships. There is a general fear and awe at the power inherent in making emotional or contractual commitments -- they will not be entered into lightly.

N. Node is in 24 Degrees Gemini.
You will consciously seek out many different contacts with others throughout your life. Many of these will be of very short duration, not necessarily because you're fickle, but just because you always seem to be more excited by the prospect of meeting someone new rather than prolonging your present relationships. At any rate, you will learn something new from almost everyone you come across -- intellectual stimulation is what you crave from others. You will be well known to neighbors and relatives, partly due to your curiosity about what they're doing -- you delight in keeping up-to-date about the latest news (and gossip).

Monday, September 26, 2011

My High School Reunion

Kelly Rhiannon Mills (me) Left

A facebook profile has been created for the Wyoming East High School class of 2002 today and this event has sucked me straight into a time warp. In my head tonight, I'm not a housewife, mother of four, struggling writer trying to push her work in the same fashion that pimps push their hos (lol), or anything that I am now. I'm not worrying over bills and deadlines. I'm in high school, I'm seventeen again and terrified that my folks are going to get all crazy about a C on my report card. And the ash tray full of cigarette butts with red lipstick all over them under my bed...Did I mention that the ash tray is actually a beer can cut in half?

This reunion has got me thinking about my life now and then.

Then, I was extremely self conscious. I was struggling with my low self esteem. I hated the person that I was because I didn't have a clue that it was okay to actually like yourself or the person you were, much less that it was okay to be a little bit different and just be yourself. I didn't like the fact that I was such a nerd, but now I own it. I didn't like the fact that I was a big girl, but now I'm a raging proud BBW (if you don't know this already, BBW stands for Big Beautiful Woman).

I have come a very long way and it wasn't easy to learn to like myself. At all...

What I didn't know then was that I wasn't alone. Just about everyone else I went to high school with was struggling with things too. Maybe not the exact same things, but things nonetheless.

For the sake of a trip back in time, I have given a lot of thought to this reunion.  I have quite a few months ahead before it actually takes place, but I have to admit that I'm a little bit excited to see a few people.

Contrary to popular belief, I'm not really a horrible, scary, freaky person.  Okay, just a little freaky, but not too much. I've always been the way I am. Piercings are a joy to me like ice cream is a joy to others. Writing isn't a hobby for me anymore, it's my LIFE. In high school, I was a nerd. Yeah, feels good to say that and not feel horrible about it. I'm still the same person that I was then, only slightly different. I look on the outside the exact same as I did then, only a slightly distorted version of my former self.

Me, now...Innocence lost, I suppose lol.

I loved to read back then and that hasn't changed. I also wrote a lot of short stories back then, some of them I'd love to still have, but unfortunately, I don't know whatever became of them. I also like the same music now as I did then. That hasn't changed either.

So what has changed?

For a start, I don't really apologize for much. In high school, I was extremely weary of other people and felt intimidated easily. Not anymore. Unless I've been wrong, I won't apologize for anything I say or do. My mouth and mind are directly connected and I don't censor myself. If you are a friend on facebook, you'll know that much is true.

In high school, I also felt like a member of the "weaker" sex. I don't feel that way now. Where I am in my life is a place where I've decided to OWN my femaleness. I may be a woman, but I'll be damned if I can't make it in a man's world. No man will ever tell me that I can't do something because I'm a girl. That being said, I still think it's very chivalrous and sweet for a man to open a door for a woman. I also think that it's very romantic and chivalrous for a woman to open a door for a man.

I stand up for myself and the things I believe in a lot more now than I did then. I believe in gender equality, animal rights, and many other things that I wouldn't speak out about when I was younger because other people were judgy. Judge me all you want now. I still won't apologize for the way I think and for the way my mind and heart work. Remember...there's a direct line from my brain to my mouth lol.

My goals in high school were to graduate, go to college, move to San Francisco, and open my own bar/bookshop. I never made it past the graduate high school part. I got married the summer before my senior year, had four kids, stayed right here in Wyoming County, and instead of opening a bar/bookshop, I'm a stay at home mom who writes all the time. So much in fact that I have two novels out and am getting ready to release a novella (The Demon King, KnightWatch Press) in the next little bit. Also, I am co-editing an anthology with another really talented writer and am very excited to make the transition from writer to anthology-putter-togetherer. Yes, that's a word because I say it is...

In the last ten years, I've performed miracles, too. I've given birth a grand total of FIVE TIMES. One of those births took place during Christmas break of my senior year in high school. Another one of those births resulted in the greatest tragedy my life has known thus far, the death of my 10 week premature son, Anthony. I still believe that Anthony's death is part of what drives me today.

Allen, Corra, Tristan, and Allysa
Sept. 6-Sept 9 2005
I have decided that I definitely want to go to this reunion out of curiosity, if for no other reason. I want to see how everyone is doing, what they've become, if anyone has gone gray or bald yet, and to say a quick hello. I certainly hope I'm not the only one who's accumulated a few gray hairs...I have THREE of them. I plan on dying them before the reunion, though...

I am positive that the reunion is going to make me temporarily self conscious and give me temporary low self esteem again. This part is not a part of the event that I look forward to, but I remain confident that my newly acquired sense of self is going to help me get past those feelings.

Confident, unapologetic Kelly. Or, should I say, Rhiannon Mills.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Interview With Jackson Bennett, A Vampire

Some of you may think that this is a silly post and it is. It's very silly. However, the more I write about Jackson Bennett and his pursuing of the depressed and quite silly Amalia Thomas, the more I love him. Not like, love. So, to get to know my character, Jackson Bennett, I'm conducting a make believe interview with him so that I might learn a little bit more about the character I'm writing about. 

And for those of you from Moody's, no, Mr. Bennett doesn't sparkle, nor has he ever sparkled. He has, however, been enchanted by a witch a time or two...

Let us begin...

ME:  So, Jackson...tell me where you were born?

Jackson:  I was born in 1510 in a small place just on the Welsh border.

ME: Ooooh, so you lived through Henry the Eighth's reign?

Jackson: *Rolls his eyes*... Yes, I did. *Mutters under his breath*... Pompous bastard....

ME: Why did you call him a pompous bastard?

Jackson: Because he was. Can we get on with it? *Checks watch*

ME: Erm, uh, okay. Next question. What was your life before you were a vampire like?

Jackson:  Very boring.

ME: What of your parents? Siblings?

Jackson: My father was executed...thanks to King Henry the Horrible, and my mother died of the plague right after I was born.

ME: Oh, how horrible! I'm so sorry!

Jackson: *sighs*

ME: Did you ever visit Henry's court?

Jackson: Unfortunately, yes. I was there a lot. When I was about sixteen I was sent to court to serve and it was horrible. Between stupid, stuffy Wolsey parading around like he owned the place and that damned ignorant fool, that Thomas Boleyn...Parading his daughters around the way he did, it's a wonder he didn't lose his head, too.

ME: *dumbfounded*.... You knew Thomas Boleyn? And Wolsey? *Grins*

Jackson: Yes, well, such is life.

ME: Well, tell me about how you became a vampire!

Jackson: When I was 23, around 1533, a crown was tossed onto the harlot's {Anne Boleyn's} head and she became Queen Consort. You do know what that means, right? Well, anyway, when Anne became Queen, shit really hit the fan at court. All sorts of things were going on! People were in and out, some for curiosity, some because they just despised her and wished for Catherine of Aragon to be given back her place on the throne. It was hard in those days to keep up with all the people in and out of the place. I was kept very, very busy.

One night, during the idiotic festivities to celebrate the brat's coronation, there was an awful fit going on in the kitchens. Maids going everywhere, kitchen help cursing...It was the most hilarious thing I'd ever seen. Someone had put a wooden block in the soup because one of the witches-and I use the term loosely...Really, she was more of a quack-had thought that the so called magical properties within it would kill off the idiot bitch on the throne. No one wanted the king to find out. They'd have all been put into the tower or sent home with a bad reputation. Whatever, right? Right.

Anyhow, I sneaked into the kitchen to see what the hell was going on in there and somehow in all the confusion, was snatched up from where I loomed in the hall and taken down a rather curious corridor.

ME: By who?

Jackson: If you're going to interrupt me, I'm going back to my coffin. *folds gigantic arms over chest*

ME: Okay, go on then. No more interruptions.

Jackson: George, of course. *sneers*

ME: George who?

Jackson: You said no more interruptions.

ME: Oh, right. Sorry. Go on.

Jackson: George Boleyn, then. And he was standing in the corridor with me by my collar and he just bit me right out of nowhere! Bastard that he was...I wasn't surprised. I always knew that he was a flamer. Everyone knew...

I don't suppose you have something to say about it...

ME: George Boleyn? Anne Boleyn's, uh, brother? He was a vampire?

Jackson: No, madam. He was just hungry...*Sneers sarcastically, then rolls his eyes* Of course he was a vampire, and a day walker to boot!

ME:  A daywalker? Then you can go out in the daylight?

Jackson: Nope. Genetically, I wasn't given that power. It's rare, you know. You're a writer, you're supposed to know this shit. Geez! What sort of writer are you?

ME: No need to be mean!

Jackson: Anyway, the bastard bit the shit outta me and gave me his blood and that was that.

ME: What happened next?

Jackson: Well, I was just getting to that part when you interrupted me. Again...

Anyhow, it just so happened that for the next bit, George taught me how to live as the undead. Then, he was charged with a ton of treason and they cut his miserable head off. Since a vampire cannot live after a beheading, I was on my own and George was dead. I never did learn who his maker was or how long he was a vampire, but I had my speculations.

I moved on with my life, though. I watched through a darkened corner of the Tower as Anne Boleyn lost her head, then left for elsewhere.

Elsewhere being Italy, where I found a few more like me allowed them to take me under their wing, so to speak. Well, something like that. Okay, more like I sponged off of them until I could earn my own money to finance my own charades. Ya know.

ME: Goodness, so what happened next to you?

Jackson: I returned to England in 1601 and hung around at court after I gained enough funds to float myself for a bit. I got back home just in time to watch Queen Bess flounder around a bit and die a few years later. I actually liked her. After that,I just poked around for about a century, hiding every few decades in another town, another city...

Before I knew it, it was 1847 and I was in Boston.

ME: Well, you certainly skipped a lot of years! *frowns*

Jackson: Well, some things are just none of your business, okay!

ME: Okay. So you're in Boston. What happens there?

Jackson: It snowed a lot. *Pauses*

My wife went on and on about this stupid new book, Wuthering Heights, that she just had to have and I remember spending many nights strolling around the city while she opted to stay home and read shit that made no sense to me at all.

ME: Wait, you had a wife?

Jackson: Oh yeah. I forgot to tell you. I got married in 1846. Her name was Catherine. Next subject.

ME: *clears throat* So, after that?

Jackson: I stayed in Boston after Catherine died for about another five years. After that, I moved along here and there, mostly staying close to sea port cities as I found it easier to dispose of bodies.

ME: Ewww!

Jackson: Oh, don't give me that! *rolls eyes* was either toss them in the sea or leave them in an alley to stink forever, and in those days, things stank enough!

ME: Ah. Good point. So what did you do for money? I'm sure the money you'd made in Italy had run out long ago.

Jackson:  *says matter of factly*  I was a gigolo.

ME: *blinks*

Jackson: What? It was fun and I made a lot of money and enjoyed it quite a bit until the Civil War ended...Then the men came back home and the women wanted their husbands again. Or each other's husbands. Whatever...I still found work, but it wasn't the same.

By the time that the twentieth century rolled around, I found other amusements. The coolest thing ever!

*slaps leg, laughs*....

Whenever they decided to outlaw boos, these crazy mortals were absolutely rabid for it. I had it all worked out to open my own place, run a speakeasy, you know? And they would come in there and buy all kinds of boos, which really helped my wallet, and then when they were so drunk that they couldn't hardly move without help, I'd pick one off while the others were out of it. One or two every night, sometimes three--I was a very happy eater back then. Was like taking candy from a baby.

ME: Are you serious? You took advantage of them like that? Oh, nevermind. Forgot I was talking to a vampire. *smirks*

Jackson: Well, some of them were willing.

ME: What then?

Jackson: Then we had a shit ton of world wars, and the men were gone again, so I went back to being a gigolo until 1968. I forgot the entire next decade. I remember things after 1978 or 79 maybe. I dunno....*looks confused*.

ME: Well, that's okay. Lots of people have forgotten that decade. So what did you do in the eighties?

Jackson: I'm not telling.

ME: But--Oh, nevermind. What did you do in the nineties then?

Jackson: I'm not telling you that, either. If I tell you, I'll have to kill you.

ME: Oooooookay. How about, this.What do you think about the Twilight vampires and how they sparkle?

Jackson: *Grins*....That book was the greatest thing to ever happen for vampires!

ME: Do what, now? What did you just say? Are you serious?

Jackson: Absolutely serious. Since that Meyer chit wrote all those idiotic fairy tale books about sparkling, fangless vampires, all the young ladies think vampires sparkle. That means that they wouldn't believe I was a vampire in a million years. Not even half those crazy goth chicks would think I was a vampire! I can sneak right up on them and rip out their necks before they can say Edward!

ME: Makes sense. But, what do you think about the books?

Jackson: They burn well. Make good doorstops. I suppose you want to know about the sparkling part? Well, I'll put it this way. If I ever saw a vampire sparkling in the sunlight, I'd assume that somewhere beneath his clothes he'd been rubbed down with glitter and it had embedded in his skin so that when he stood in the sunlight and burst into flames, he sparkled....

ME: *chokes on coffee*

Jackson: Well that wasn't very attractive.

ME: *rolls eyes* 

Jackson: So, tell me... What's your type?

ME: My, erm, what type?

Jackson: I'm guessing O Negative....

ME: Huh?

Jackson: *grins, scoots closer to me* Oh, you didn't really think I agreed to all this just so you could blog about a vampire, did you?

ME: *Takes deep breath*

Jackson: *grins a very handsome, toothy grin*

ME: Well, I, uh.....*scoots away a bit*

Jackson: *bites ME*........

ME: *body hits the floor*

Jackson: Well, I suppose the interview is over...Pity, that...

*tosses a wad of cash over my near drained body and tips his hat at me as he walks out the door into the night...*

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Open Submission: The Blue, the Grey, and the Scarlet

EXTENDED DEADLINE: November 1, 2011 

Working Title: The Blue, The Grey, and the Scarlet- An anthology of Monsters, Mayhem, and a Country at War

Publisher: KnightWatch Press
Edited by: Shawn M. Riddle
Release Date: TBA

The Blue, The Grey, and The Scarlet is a horror anthology taking place in the United States between the years of 1861-1865. There is no subject besides horror, it is open to any sub genre of horror, zombies, ghosts, werewolves, vampires etc… Use your imagination. Each story will be unique and new. What happened on the battlefield or at home to those who fought or were involved in the Civil War. The stories do not have to be about the soldiers who fought, they can be about the people left behind at home or anyone as long as the Civil war is prominently mentioned in the story. It should also be noted that historical accuracy is a requirement. (i.e. battle dates and locations. Weapons and tactics. etc).

What we want:

We are looking for short fiction horror stories between 4,000 and 7,000 words pertaining to the ‘’Civil War’ theme of the book. Any plot that is horror themed is acceptable except for sexual content including but not limited to rape, bestiality, and sexual torture of any kind. Remember that horror takes many guises.  

What rights do we want?

First publishing rights, the right to use the story for as long as there is demand for the book, the right to edit each story for any missed grammatical errors, and the right to use parts of the book and the author's name for promotion. You will keep all other rights and can republish the story anytime you choose.

What you get:

All authors will receive a copy of the book as payment.

How your stories should be sent:
All entries MUST be a .doc file. The text must be 12pt Garamond single spaced please indent paragraphs with one hit on the tab key.
Emails with submissions sent in any other format will be replied with a request to convert the file into a .doc format.

Title, Author's Name, Word Count, and Author's Email MUST be on the first page of the document.
The stories should be edited to the best of your ability but they will be looked over for any missed grammatical errors.

The story should be single-spaced with as little formatting as possible.

Where to send it:

Send all submissions via email to with the subject line "Blue Grey and Scarlet Submission: Title of story"

When to send it by:
Deadline for submission is October 1st 2011. We will take all entries and choose the best of the bunch for publication!
Submissions are open to EVERYONE so take this opportunity to try for the first time or write for the hundredth time!!

If you have ANY questions at all, Email

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Eccentric Writer and her Eccentric Friends...

Writers and artists are certainly a rare breed, to say the least. Having a conversation with another writer a few days ago really opened my eyes to the reality of writing and artwork.

For one thing, we pour our souls into our projects, be it a manuscript that refuses to cooperate, an oil painting that just isn't jiving, or a poem that sounded good in your head but turns into a steaming pile of camel dung on paper. If it's in our hearts, it comes out in our work, no ifs ands or buts about it.

Eccentric and sometimes a little hair-brained, writers and artists alike are kindred spirits, or so I'd like to think. My proof? Well, I'm a 26 year old mother of four, body modification enthusiast, and I love to cook. A writer friend of mine from across the globe is mid-fifties-ish, has no children, enjoys long walks on the beach, and likes to whistle show tunes. What we have in common is our love for the written and spoken word, our love for Vincent Van Gogh (particularly Starry Night). The ties we form with others in our trade are strong ones, the strongest I've ever seen in my entire life. Though my friend may not understand how it feels to have to wake up in the middle of the night with a newborn, and I may not understand what it's like to deal with hypertension and diabetes, we bond over our WIP's and share tips and tidbits of the publishing industry.

It saddens me, however, that friends I've had since High School (not all, but some) have abandoned me. The minute I decided to write a book, they deserted, tucked tail and ran quicker than a wolf after its prey. Nonetheless, I love my writer friends, and I love the fact that they're always willing to help you when you're in a jam. Like a mother who feeds her child homemade chicken soup when she's sick, these friends are there with helpful advice and links to sites with helpful advice. They cheer me on when I need it the most, and when something great happens, they share my joys.

It's also pretty safe to say that most writers and artists are bat shit crazy. It's a truth that we've all come to terms with and I think that most would agree. The ones who do not agree are probably in denial because let's face it--writers make up imaginary people, set them in imaginary worlds, give them imaginary problems, imaginary loves, imaginary jobs, and imaginary strengths and weaknesses in their imaginary personalities. We talk to ourselves. No, our characters talk to each other in our heads. If that isn't crazy, I sure don't know what is! At least we make something of our insanity, even if we never make it very far.

So, that being said, thank you to all of my writer friends, both new and old, for everything that you've said and done. I'm eternally grateful.

For everyone else, who may or may not understand, thanks for listening anyhow. It's the thought that counts.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Short Story Excerpt To Share

I was feeling rather odd today, rather low...And I plotted out a vampire romance. I finished one chapter and I'm toying with the idea of finishing the story. I'd love to hear some feedback.

Chapter One

    “I don’t love you.”  The words seemed to fall out of his mouth only to land inside of Amalia’s heart and slice it open from the inside out.

    She stood there, mouth slightly agape, her wide brown eyes filling with tears that refused to fall. Leaning against the brick wall of the outside of one of the shops downtown, Amalia felt frozen in time as the night winds blew past her. She pulled the sleeves of her purple hooded sweatshirt around her hands.

    James continued, running a hand through his short ginger hair.  “I’m sorry I let this go on as long as I did. I should have said something sooner.”

    Amalia lost her breath, but stood firm in front of him outside the small coffee shop where no one could hear them speaking.

    “Say something,” his blue-gray eyes pleaded with hers, sending her mixed messages.

    She wanted to kick him as hard as she could.  “There’s nothing to say,” her lip quivered a little until she bit down on it and closed her mouth before she said anything else that she may regret later.

    “You’ve never been at a loss for words, Molly.” He stared down on her, bringing his hand towards her face to grab a few strands of her dark hair and rub them between his fingers before dropping them back down again and taking in a deep breath.  “We can still be friends.”

    That was the final kick to the invisible blade that he’d stuck into her chest.  After two years he wants to be friends? Was he kidding her? How could he!  She wanted to argue with him that they would never be friends after he took her heart and tossed it aside with little explanation, but she figured it was better off left alone. If he didn’t want her or love her anymore, she would step aside and make room for whatever would come next in his life.

    Without her.

    The clear pools of water forming over her deep brown eyes began to drain down her face as she turned and walked away to leave him there by himself. James called after her a time or two, but she couldn’t turn around to let him see her cry.
    Licking the last remnants of fresh blood from his lips, Bennett closed his eyes and exhaled the breath that he’d been holding and took in the girl’s scent as she fled the storefront and darted into the small crowds of people who were swarming the streets in hopes of being seen or possibly returning movie rentals and ordering disgusting pizzas and things for their destructive consumption.  Once the ginger haired man had gone from where he stood in search of his car in the lot down the street, Bennett began the short trek down the sidewalk to follow the young woman from a safe distance.

    Along the way, she dawdled around outside of a small bookshop to peer inside the window and stare at the dusty old titles that were stacked in rows for patrons to see.  Large leather bound volumes of classics and hart to find books were stacked together in no particular order or method of sorting, but though she sniffed back tears that kept falling, she seemed to enjoy staring at them, which brought Bennett’s curiosity about her to a new peak.

    Her smell already suggested that she was an old soul, but perhaps there was more to her than met the eye (or nose, in Bennett’s case). Molly was what the young man had called her. Molly smelled incredible.  Of course, the scent of a heart breaking always lured Bennett in. Those with a weakness were easy pickings.  Those with a weakness such as a hole in their very souls were a challenge and Bennett adored a challenge.

    Once Bennett saw Molly reluctantly leave the front walk of the bookshop whilst wiping away a few more tears with the sleeve of her sweatshirt, he emerged from the shadows of the alley once more to see where, if anywhere, she would stop next.  Still keeping a safe distance from her, he watched her carefully.

    He couldn’t help but think of how fun it would be to catch her in his grip, wrap his strong hands around her throat and toy with her a bit before he took the blood from her veins and left her body to reflect its soul- an empty, broken, drained shell.  Would this brokenhearted Molly struggle and fight him off once she realized that he was what he was or would she invite his cold advances even though she would quickly realize that he fully intended to leave her either dead or dying? 

    Bennett would wrap his fist into the mess of dark brown hair that hung down her back first and pull her head back into the direction that he needed it to go.  Then, he would snake his other hand along the voluptuous curves of her body until he found a soft piece of flesh somewhere (Her stomach, perhaps?) to tease as she struggled to free her hair.  While Bennett whispered dark nothings into her ear, she would plead for him to either release her or be done with it and leave her alone.  But, he wouldn’t leave her alone.

    He would slowly trace a cut down the side of her neck with his fangs until he heard her moan from the small amount of pain that it would cause.  Small, of course, when compared to the pain that would shoot through her body from the first deep bite that he would take. 

    With the thoughts of how good Molly would taste and how sweet the hunt was going to be, Bennett followed her around a curve and watched her walk through a small door and up a short flight of stairs that led to a small row of low rent apartments that sat above an old hardware store.

    Bennett stopped following her there, but lurked around the outside of the building in the dark until he was sure that she’d gone to sleep.  He could hear her breathing patterns change after about an hour and when he did, he bid her a good night and stalked off through the streets to find something else to occupy his hunger until the next night, when he would find her once again.

    This hunt was just beginning.

    The very next night, Bennett had stalked around outside of her front door, just enough to hear her speaking on a telephone to the very same man she’d been dumped by the previous night. Bennett’s hearing was quite a bit better than a human’s hearing, and he could hear her voice tremble as she weakly said, “Please, just leave it be. You don’t have to explain things any further to me, James.”

    Intrigued, Bennett pressed his ear even harder against her front door so that he could hear a small pause between her sentences before she spoke through sobs into the receiver again.  “James, just leave it alone!”

    He couldn’t help but wonder what sort of a man would break a woman’s heart and then call her twenty-four hours later to pour salt into the open wounds, but then he quickly remembered himself.  What did it matter?

    Night after night for the next three weeks, Bennett stalked Molly, learning that her true first name was Amalia and her last name was Thomas.  She had been in a relationship that had gone sour for one reason or another and would sob into her pillow nearly every single night before she finally drifted to sleep, her soul descending deeper and deeper into a depression with each passing day.  Unlike most broken hearts, hers was not healing with time. 

    Bennett had also learned that she kept a key to her apartment under the doormat, a grave mistake, and that she worked a regular nine to five in the mailroom at a local magazine.  When she went out in the evenings to gather groceries or pay bills, he would slip silently and unseen into her apartment using her hidden key to unlock her door.  He was good at this.  She never once suspected that someone had been in her house while she was away and if she did, she didn’t speak of it when her father called her to check and see if she was alright or when her scrawny whelp of a best friend, Claudine, came to check on her and force feed her chocolate and wine while they watched movies together on the sofa.

    Claudine, Bennett had once decided, may not be so great for his plight to stalk Amalia and eventually take her blood from her.  Claudine seemed to be the best medicine Amalia could take because she was constantly lending Amalia her shoulder to cry on and Amalia truly opened up to her.  For a bit, Bennett was worried that Amalia may lose that special sadness that he loved so much about her, but soon he realized that not even a happy go lucky best friend with perfect blond hair and a sunny disposition on the entire world could mend Amalia’s spirit.  Amalia was doomed. 

    One night while Claudine was missing in action and Amalia was inside her apartment being watched by Bennett without her knowledge, the unthinkable happened.

    Amalia slit her wrists in her kitchen floor and he didn’t know that she’d done it until it was damn near too late.  This was not a good thing, not by any means.  If she killed herself, he couldn’t do it later and that would ruin his fun.  He’d spent too much time and invested too much of himself with the thrill of the hunt to allow her to die now, before he would have the chance to kill her himself.

    Without much hesitation Bennett burst through her locked door and rushed to Amalia’s side in her kitchen floor.

    She was crumpled on her the wheat colored linoleum in her underwear and a tank top, her hair in a messy pony tail and her slashed wrist lying cold on the floor in a pool of wet, silken blood, but she was still breathing.

    Pain hit Bennett from the sight and smell of her so severely that he groaned as his fangs descended, stretching his gums in the process.  He struggled to run through the list of options that he had as quickly as possible, but the options were bleak.

    He could allow her to die there in a pool of her own blood and just disappear into the night to find another woman to stalk, but any other woman wouldn’t make him hunger for her as Amalia did.  He could call an ambulance for her, but the idiot drivers would be slow and wouldn’t make it to the hospital on time with her.

    Or he could fix her himself with skills he’d acquired over the years in the military and otherwise.  Mostly otherwise.

    He dropped to his knees and felt her warm blood soak through the leg of his black jeans as he knelt down to her level, picking up her arm and flipping it about to painstakingly look over her self inflicted wounds.  She’d slashed up and down her arm with a box cutter that he quickly kicked out of the way once he found it lying next to her body.

    He glanced in her direction for a split second and held her deep brown teary pools for eyes with his own ice cold blue ones.  Why, in his entire history of being, did he choose to do that, he wondered.  Now he’d made a slight human connection with her and would have to work extra hard to break that tiny little bond.

    “Hold still.” He hissed while he pulled a small vial from his front pocket.

    Instead of shrieking shyly away from the monster in front of her and his fangs, she batted her eyelashes and rolled her head to the side, simply choosing to turn away from him.  She didn’t even try to speak and protest.

    The vial of clear blue liquid had been a gift from a young witch during the eighteenth century.  She’d given it to him knowing that he wouldn’t need it for himself, but had said that one day he might want to save a life rather than take one.  At the time he had laughed at her, but now he was realizing that she was annoyingly right.

    He popped the tiny cork in the vial and spilled the content over Amalia’s wrists, watching it immediately soak into her skin rather than mixing with the blood that still fell from there.  It turned her wrist blue, actually.

    Just when he was beginning to think that he’d made the wrong decision and his prize was dying in the floor in front of him, the wounds began to come closer together, though not completely sealing shut again. 

    Color began to return to her face and she turned her head around again to look up at him.  Through a strained and weak voice, she uttered, “Who are you?” Moments later, as he watched the last of her wounds close, she mumbled, “Just let me die here.”

    Grumbling under his breath, Bennett picked her up and carried her into her bedroom, placing her gently down on her bed and pulling the covers up to her hips.  He dialed Claudine’s phone number and then hung up before she answered so that at least he knew that being the good friend that she was, she’d come check on Amalia’s well being.

    A very weak and sick Amalia looked up at Bennett once more and studied him momentarily before making the rather astute assumption in a statement rather than a scared exclamation, “You’re a vampire,” and then blinked her lids shut and drifted off to sleep.

Sweet Irish Kiss by JoAnne Kenrick

As it happens, there's a new book out that I would really love to read. The author is JoAnne Kenrick and the book is titled "Sweet Irish Kiss." Just in case anyone else is interested, here is a bit of information about JoAnne's new release.

Sweet Irish Kiss
1NightStand Story
Releases 30th September
Ingredients for a perfect Irish Kiss; Baileys, Kahula, and whipped cream. For a Sweet Irish Kiss...just add Shaun Bell, a divorced workaholic bar-owner in Soho, London. Line up ladies. He's ready to love again.

Rachel Taylor was damaged by Daddy Dearest's play-away from home attitude. She wants to put her best foot forward. Only problem is, she stumbles backward each time she tries.

The 1NightStand match-making site brings this pair together for a night of guilt and commitment free sex. It's a match made in heaven until morning rolls around and Shaun can't bring himself to say goodbye. Can he win her over with his Sweet Irish Kiss, or will Rachel still see the neon "potential cheater" sign above his head?

Excerpt that I dug up at The Pop Culture Divas blog.

***Excerpt taken from the first chapter of Sweet Irish Kiss***

“Ya game is fine, but ya booze-eyes are a problem. Not like ya ta drink this much. I reckon ya banjo’d, so ya are.” Devlin’s thick Irish accent coated each word; a childhood bud and Shaun’s only full-time bartender, he’d come over from Northern Ireland weeks earlier.
Shaun staggered toward his friend behind the bar, tail between his legs. Devlin reached over and snatched the remaining dart from him. He frowned. “No more darts for ya tonight. Ya need ta sober up, so ya do. Coffee? Aye, it’s time for a coffee. San, bring this lad a strong’n.” Sandra, a part timer and born ’n bred Londoner, scurried to the pot and set about getting her boss a cup of the good stuff.
“Gawdon Bennet! Donkey Amateur Dart night. I curse internet shopping and that darn dart board Shaun found doing it.” Sandra clanked the teaspoon in her boss’s cup and went about her vent session with vengeance. “Lawd above! Sunday nights were nice before that bunch took residence. Should be home with my grandkids telling them tales, not here serving this impatient lot, innit.” She poured the full-fat milk and presented the coffee to Shaun. “There, don’t say I don’t do nothing for you.” He winked at her. “Don’t you go flashing your gorgeous greens at me, either. It’s so not gonna fly, mister!” Sandra wiped down the bar and went to serve a punter.
“Dev, I’ve only had two pints. What the hell is wrong with me?” He perched on a barstool and smiled at his friend. He’d lived in London since a child, so his Irish slang wasn’t as pronounced as Devlin’s.
“Pack that in for starters. Ya need ta save it for ya lady friend tomorrow.” Shaun laughed and ushered him to the customer side of the bar by patting the empty barstool to his right.
“San, pour up a pint of Beamish for me mate here.” He frowned upon seeing his friend’s mocking expression. “’I don’t mind admitting I’m nervous about tomorrow night.”

Pop over to JoAnne's place and show her some love!  

There is also a contest RIGHT NOW on her blog to win an e-copy of the book. . .

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My Thoughts On Vampires

All this chatter about vampires lately has got me thinking about why it is that I truly love vampires. Of course, there are several reasons.

I began my love affair with the fanged undead when I was only nine years old. That was when I watched Interview With A Vampire for the first time. After that, I read the book. Then, I read the rest of the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. After that, I read anything I could get my hands on that had a vampire or a promise of bloodshed somewhere in it.

I'm going to break down my thoughts on vampires for you. You are free to agree or disagree because everyone, as it seems, has a different opinion about what a vampire is.

Vampires are the undead. This means that they're animated creatures who used to have heart beats and carry on their bodily functions like normal until another undead turned them (or whatever).

Common methods for becoming a vampire were that another vampire has to bite you or that there has to be a blood transfer. This is the usual means for becoming in literature and films and I really don't like for people to stray too far from this. Once you are a vampire, you need blood to survive. This is where another bit of confusion for vampire fans comes into play.

Do they feel driven to blood like zombies are to brains or is it more like you just want it (like right now I just really want strawberries and chocolate)?

Some argue that vampires are ruthless killers ALL the time. This is a very valid argument. Vampires need blood from mortals just like mortals (us) want meat from animals so that we can make burgers and steaks (right?). But, when we go slaughter a cow for our steaks, we don't just cut the steak part out and leave the rest of the cow and hope to goodness it survives. Nope. That entire cow is going to die in the slaughterhouse.

On the flip side of this argument, vampires used to be mortals unlike how mortals were NOT once cows. As they have a brain that functions (it HAS to, otherwise they wouldn't be able to move or do things), you would think the part of their brain that controls sympathy, empathy, and other feelings would kick into play somewhere and SOME vampires might just be able to leave their victims alive and maybe even gain one or two mortal friends (that being said, I don't think that the job of being a vampire's friend is hazard free by any means). If this is true or possible, would it also be true or possible that  a vampire could carry on a romantic or sexual relationship with a mortal? Possibly. But, the risks to her life would be severe and she would have to be one bat shit crazy girl...with a death wish.

So, now you understand that there is the question of whether or not a vampire could actually restrain himself from slaughtering people and control his urges. There are good arguments on both sides, I think. I suppose it depends on how the writer wants to portray his/her vampires and who the audience is. It's all open to interpretation.

Just, um, please don't make them sparkle. That's just insane!

There are also many ways to kill vampires and each way has been disputed. Here's a quick list:

*Wooden stakes, wooden bullets--apparently vampires do not like wood.

*Silver bullets -- This mostly applies to werewolves, but I've also read about silver bullets possibly killing or at least injuring vampires. Personally, I think that the vampire would probably just pull the bullet out and make a necklace out of it in the hopes of seducing (or playing with lol) some chick he thinks is a challenge. It'd go something like this:

          Vamp: I made this just for you, my love. It was from the war of (enter name of a war that happened    hundreds of years ago). *Raises vampy eyebrow, trying to be all macho*
          Chick: *swoons*
           Vamp: *taps that ass, then drains it*

*Silver crosses-- This one seems silly to me and was probably created somewhere in the middle ages when folks swore that corpses were walking at night.

*Sunlight-- I do like this one. I don't like the idea of a vampire being a day walker unless there's a really neat story behind why he can do so.

There are probably a million other ways to kill a vamp, but for the life of me I can't think straight and every single writer out there has made different ones up over the years. I like vampire stories to be original, yes, but I also like for writers to keep to the basics for vampire killing. It's much more fun that way.


Everybody loves vampires for different reasons. I love them because they are the ultimate bad boys. While they may be just slightly dead and may choose to kill me, it'd be kinda neat to bring one home to mom and dad, don'tcha think? 

Oh, sister brought home a doctor? Well, guess what? My boyfriend, Henry here, is a vampire, Ma! Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it, sis!
You call that a hicky? Check this out, sis!

Then there's this. Can a vampire even have sex at all? I'm going to say YES. An erection occurs by means of excitement and BLOOD FLOW, right? Well, vampires drink blood, therefore blood still FLOWS in their veins. By that logic, a vampire can still have an erection and assuming that his hips move, I think that means that sex is possible with the undead. But, can he have his happy ending? Again, another tricky question. I'm sure that sex feels good to them, seeing as they tend to like the feel of another person's blood in their mouths (that's actually an assumption, but a safe one nonetheless).

Twisted romantic reasons aside, other people like vampires for the horror aspect and I like them for this reason, too! Imagine someone who's seen all those neat things in their six hundred or so years of life! Oh, and they just want to kill you and drink your life force from you. Worthy cause for death, don't you think so? Of course you do...cause you're hoping that they'll make you one of them so that you can see some of the things that they have and it would be neat to slash a few throats and get by with it, right?

For the record, though, I'd like everyone to know really quickly that I was a vampire fan (a rather obsessive one) way before Twilight. I was a fan before it was cool to be a fan. Sure, I became obsessive after Interview With a Vampire, but my curiosity had begun before then.

...and there is your obsessive proof. That's me! lol.

If anyone else would like to share their thoughts on the subject, by all means, please do. Just remember that I don't take my vampires lightly and if you intend to argue with me about them, I welcome it, but you won't get  a rise out of me. Everyone has an opinion about vampires and all opinions are respected in MY blog.

Open Submission Call!

I've already listed this in the "Open Submissions" Tab, but here it is again in a post. 

Working Title: Vampyres: A History Written in Blood
Publisher: KnightWatch Press
Edited by: Shawn M. Riddle, Rhiannon Mills
Release Date: TBA

“Vampyres: A History Written in Blood” is a Vampyres through time based anthology. Choose a historical figure through time. Good or Evil does not matter. Write a “What if” type story about this person. Example: What if George Washington had been a vampire. Would he still have risen to become the “Father” of the United States? Would he instead have raised an Army of vampires to wipe out humanity? The possibilities are limitless. Use your imagination, you have full creative freedom. The only stipulation is your character must be a well known historical figure who was actually a vampire and what that world would have been like. We are looking for horror based themes. Show the Vampire for what it really is without sparkling teenagers giving each other piggyback rides through the trees. Also we encourage you to change historical events to your pleasure. You can change facts, but remain historically correct. Example: a woman in the sixteenth century is not likely to be talking on the telephone...

What we want:
We are looking for short fiction horror stories between 4,000 and 8,000 words pertaining to the ‘Vampyres: A History Written in Blood’ theme of the book. Any plot that is conforming to this theme is acceptable except for sexual content including but not limited to rape, bestiality, and sexual torture of any kind. Remember that horror takes many guises.

What rights do we want?
First publishing rights, the right to use the story for as long as there is demand for the book in print, digital and audio format, the right to edit each story for any missed grammatical errors, and the right to use parts of the book and the author's name for promotion. You will keep all other rights and can republish the story once the anthology has been in print for six months.

What you get:
All authors who submit a story that is chosen for publication will receive a copy of the book as payment. They will also be able to avail of the author discount of 25% off cover price when buying 5 copies or more directly from KnightWatch.

How your stories should be sent:
All entries MUST be a .doc file. The text must be 12pt Garamond single spaced please indent paragraphs with one hit on the tab key.

Emails with submissions sent in any other format will be replied with a request to convert the file into a .doc format.

Title, Author's Name, Word Count, and Author's Email MUST be on the first page of the document.
The stories should be edited to the best of your ability but they will be looked over for any missed grammatical errors.
The story should be single-spaced with as little formatting as possible.

Where to send it:
Send all submissions via email to with the subject line Vampyre Submission

When to send it by:
Deadline for submission is February 29, 2012. We will take all entries and choose the best of the bunch for publication! Reading will not start until at least the middle of January 2012.

Submissions are open to EVERYONE so take this opportunity to try for the first time or write for the hundredth time!!

If you have ANY questions at all, Email or

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Intimate Dreamers, Men of Pisces


Pisces men areextremely mysterious. They have a distant look in their eyes at almost any given moment, and that is because they are constant dreamers. Give him the task of cleaning the blinds, and he’ll drop his cleaning materials at his feet and end up staring out the windows for hours, fantasizing about the woman next door, the prospects of moving to Fiji, the newest computers on the market, or whatever else his mind wanders to. His ruling planet is Neptune, a planet for dreams and alternate realities. Pisces often finds himself wandering through deep seas of "what ifs" and deeper thought than any other sign because of this.

Pisces are art, literature, and music lovers (or at least appreciaters). They are mystical people, true old souls (as they are the very last sign of the zodiac). Also, they don’t sweat the small stuff. Bigger issues, they will get upset over, but they tend to brush off the smaller issues. In his eyes, a distant form of “now” can be seen, but also a distance that may ward off some of his prospective friends and lovers, making him seem unfeeling or cold when in truth he is the exact polar opposite.

He is either one of two things when it comes to household chores: neat freak, or sloppy! There is never a gray area here. He’s either one extreme or the other, although they are very methodical. There is always a method to his mayhem. With money, he manages finance decently enough, but will look to his partner to set a budget. If he is single, he might enlist the help of his mother or another close relative for advice on his bank account and wallet situation. If left to handle his own, he will bankrupt in no time. He’s certainly not afraid to spend or lend money. 

They make excellent fathers, very protective and understanding with children. They are usually the first to offer help and advice if you are in a bind, and are incredible listeners. They are also the most intuitive of any of the signs. Water signs, as a rule, have excellent sixth senses, but a Pisces is the best in this arena. They will read you, up one side and down the other, very carefully, and in a matter of hours of knowing someone, they know everything about them. 

If a Pisces man is your friend, he’s your friend until the bitter end, unless you mess it up, and even then, they’re likely to be understanding and forgive you (depending on the offense). They’ll take you out, buy the first round of drinks, take care of you if you’re sick, drive you home if you can’t, or even loan you a hundred bucks if you are broke and can’t pay whatever bill it is that you need it for. 

They’ll listen to everything you have to say (again, they are the BEST listeners out there), and they will offer consoling words when you need them, and even sometimes when you don’t.

In a romantic relationship, Pisces is a dream lover. He makes sure that you both get what you need from your rendezvous. Nothing makes him happier than bringing his partner to her peak. It gives him a sense of accomplishment, and he needs that. He looks at sex as a means to bond with another human. No, scratch that. He looks as sex as a merging of souls, a way to bring deeper meaning to a relationship. He also looks at sex as an adventure, and he loves to taste different flavors. When he’s not attached, Pisces will discover many, many lovers, at least until he finds the right one. He tends to follow his partners lead, and is very unlikely to initiate. He looks for a strong partner, a woman who isn’t afraid to take lead and ask for what she desires from him, and he also wants a physical joining with a woman to feel “natural,” as if meant to happen or meant to be.

He likes to explore new things, and is likely to enjoy role play games and dressing up for his partner (as long as she goes along with it too). He will use toys, lubes, and other devices in the bedroom, too. 

If Pisces isn’t happy in a relationship and feels trapped or cornered or his emotional needs are not met, he will wander and find someone else to fill that void, so beware of this. He won’t cheat unless provoked or left empty, but the minute he decides that this is the right thing to do, you’d better jump to action because the longer he spends in his cheating, the farther he’s swimming from you. Remember, he wants a strong woman to take care of him and his needs. He doesn’t want her wandering about. If you care about him, stay close.
Also, he’s NEVER mentally faithful. He will daydream about many, many other women and situations. He’s unlikely to be physically unfaithful, however, unless…well, see the above passage for that. If he decides that he no longer wants a relationship with you, however, he’ll end it as peacefully as possible and will go to great lengths to try and ween you off of him. He’ll make sure to let you know (whether it’s true or not) that you’ll always have a special place in his heart. My advice, however, is not to let this fish go.

His best matches are Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, and other Pisces.

Cancer women: This is a great match. Cancer women are extremely faithful, and that is one thing that the Pisces man will absolutely adore about her. He would also love that she would go to great lengths to make sure that he’s taken care of. She’ll cater to his every need, take over with finance (cause let’s face it…she’s great with money, but he’s great at spending it and needs a budget), and make sure that his every want and whim in the bedroom is fulfilled, though she’s a little shy sometimes. He has to bring her out of that. Any problems that this couple might have are quickly resolved in bed. A very strong and lasting long term relationship will blossom with these two as long as she keeps her moods in check and he makes sure to let her know that she’s loved. If not, it’s splitsville…but the break up will be mourned forever by both and they’re not likely to forget each other. Thing is, neither of them is reading this, though. They already know how great they are together.

Scorpio women: Pisces will love that these women are not afraid to initiate bedroom activity, and that they truly excel in that arena. Conflicts can arise when Scorpio cheats, however, if she’s the type that does (and many Scorpio women WILL if their needs aren’t met). When Scorpio keeps secrets (even small ones), Pisces will be slightly offended when she doesn’t come out with it. Also, this couple is bound to have problems when Scorpio feels another woman has taken over her Pisces man’s heart or thoughts. However, most of their problems will be solved in the sack, and a long lasting relationship can come from this. 

Capricorn Women: This is an interesting match. They can be quite well together, though Capricorn woman may or may not enjoy catering to his emotional needs and can seem quite superficial and shallow to a Pisces male, however, this is a mostly physical attraction. A long term relationship may blossom here, but it’s not likely to last forever as the Pisces male tends to enjoy the company of a fellow water sign instead.
Pisces Women: These two are right at home together. They’re a very understanding and creative couple, though sometimes their moods can clash and it can end quite nasty! Most of their time will be spent in the bedroom, and as a matter of fact, they might not ever come out of there! Long term relationships can flourish here.
In closing, you should remember that Pisces men are the ultimate Don Juans. They are very intuitive, and use sex on a deeper level than any other sign. They are faithful friends, careful lovers, picky of their partners in more long term relationships, though not so picky in short term relationships, and incredibly gentle. They're the best friends you could ever ask for, and they're very sympathetic and kind.

***This post originally appeared in Rhiannon's Paranormally Romantic Bits & Pieces, my other blog***

Moon Men

Characteristics of the Cancerian Male...

Cancerian men are like toddlers in the sense that they hold on to everything. EVERYTHING! This includes people, places, things memories…everything! They will remember your anniversaries, birthdays, and other events, but will forget the most important things, like doctor’s appointments and court dates.
On the flipside, they are excellent chefs and give a great message. They are very hands on, and articulate. The bothersome side is that they will aggravate you to death to get their way. They have a great sense of humor though, unless they feel like the joke is on them, and if so, they’ll sulk for hours, maybe even days or weeks. 

They need to be mothered, however, and are the types that look for someone to take the place of theirs, often comparing women to his mom. They also usually end up with some sort of issue with their fathers that they always have to work out, but not all of them use this as emotional baggage. They’re very sentimental, and very hard workers, but they leave decision making to someone else.

These are very strong men, passionate in all that they do, and NORMALLY make great fathers. They wouldn’t abandon their children for anything, but there is always a negative with the positive. Occasionally, a Cancerian man or two has been known to be so wrapped up in themselves that they leave the childrearing to their spouse instead, and these are the ones that you should avoid at all costs. It does happen! 

Cancer male friends:

They make wonderful friends. If you ever need anything, they’re the first to make sure you have what you need, but not always first to help. For that you need a Pisces. They enjoy hanging out at their houses as apposed to going out on the town, though when they do go out, they go ALL out. Finer dining, spending money left and right (Cancer females, on the flipside, are excellent with money, but as a Cancerian male leaves finance to his spouse, he spends easily), and partying until sunup. 

If you fight with him, he’s quick to forgive, as Cancerians (both male and female) are very forgiving and make really great doormats. 


The Cancerian man is a tender lover, but intense at the same time. He is quite clingy, however, and can drown his partner in his affections to a point where some women will tuck tail and run! However, if you want a “romeo” then you’ve found the right man. 

The best matches for a Cancerian male are Pisces, Scorpio, Virgo and Taurus.

Pisces women- This is a great match. A Pisces woman will make a Cancerian man really feel wanted. She’ll tend to all of his needs, and life in this couple’s bedroom takes on a jungle feel….they make it sizzle! They will bond both physically and mentally and a good long term relationship is probable, but if it ends, both will mourn the loss for a considerable amount of time, though Pisces is more likely to move on first.

Taurus Women- Another great match, though sometimes they will fight over the smaller things, and don’t always understand each other. Fights will quickly resolve over coffee and dinner (that Cancer man has cooked to prepare to soothe his Taurus lady love).

Virgo Women- I see this as being a match of intrigue. These are almost complete opposites as Cancer feels everything and Virgo doesn’t seem to feel anything. Most of these relationships end in the sack, but sometimes can make for an interesting long term deal.

Scorpio women- Cancer won’t want to let go of her! The Scorpio woman will love his romantic side and drown him in deep waters of her sexual prowess. Very likely to make a long term commitment together.
Cancerian men are very emotional, hard workers, hoarders, sentimental, thoughtful, intuitive, clingy, and over-emotional at times. They make great domesticated mates, and after Pisces men, the most romantic lover and best friends you’ll find. They can be somewhat lazy, however, and not that great to clean up after themselves. They look for a mother figure to do it for them.

***This post was originally posted in Rhiannon's Paranormally Romantic Bits & Pieces, my other blog***